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All-new Jetwing Lake opens in Dambulla

Posted on 06 January 2017 by admin


16Bringing in an age of true Sri Lankan hospitality to the rich Cultural Triangle is Jetwing Lake with its contemporary design and modern comforts. Nestled in a rustic setting, the 18-acre property opens out to the best panoramic views of Dambulla. 

The all-new Jetwing Lake is five km away from the Dambulla town and is tucked away amidst a setting of foliage sheltering the stylishly designed resort. This Jetwing Symphony property is in close proximity to many of the heritage sites and places waiting to be discovered in the vicinity. 

With the famous Dambulla Cave Temple five minutes away and the world renowned Sigiriya Rock Fortress just 20 minutes away, there’s much to explore here from treks and hikes to the mysterious rock caves, trips to the Minneriya and Wasgamuwa National Parks and other interests in the bio-diverse environs. 

Jetwing Lake overlooks the Siyambalaweva water tank with a backdrop of an endless chain of mountains touching the skies that are ever-changing in colour. Capture the best views of the sky changing its colour during sundown varying from a royal orange to blush pink fading into a deep purple. With the star studded sky gleaming down on you, the best moments of nature can be witnessed from the countless open spaces at the property. 

In keeping to the nature of the resort, the rooms feature private and spacious balconies allowing you to experience the scenery of Dambulla in solitude. The 94 rooms painted in warm earthy colours add to the surrounding and are equipped with luxury shower areas overlooking the panorama, sitting area, satellite TVs, Wi-Fi, air-conditioning and most importantly king-size beds you can ease into at the end of the day.      

Jetwing Lake promises the ultimate dining experiences serving an array of delectable local and international fare. With every dish handed out you will find yourself basking in the exciting flavours freshly prepared from the local produce used by the renowned chef. The main restaurant opens out to the large garden area allowing you to indulge in your meals in view of the lake with natural ventilation sweeping in. 

For those in search of authentic south East Asian cuisine, the property also homes a Chinese restaurant catering to the likings of an intensely flavourful palate. With its unique build, the open bar extending to the tree tops allows you to sink in the greenery around whilst unwinding in the peaceful and calm ambiance. 

Please your senses to the best meals and views when you dine in at the restaurants or at the comfort of your private balcony in the room or even at the gardens by the lake, Jetwing Lake will make your every experience worthwhile.  

Jetwing echoes luxury living across its hotels, this remains the same for Jetwing Lake with the addition of a fully-fledged spa, gym and pool at your disposal. Pamper yourself to a therapeutic treatment designed by our very own experienced ayurvedic doctor. At the spa, you can find your balance by undergoing treatments ranging from massages, oil treatments, herbal wraps and many more. 

Keep in line with your fitness routine at the fully equipped gym as you spend your days at utmost relaxation. Feel more at ease when you dive into the 71m infinity pool facing the breath-taking views of the vicinity making this your ultimate wind down therapy.   

Jetwing gives precedence to the natural surroundings and as a result Jetwing Lake through its sustainable strategy houses a solar power park, caters to its air-conditioning needs through a Vapour Absorption Chiller, creates energy from their very own biomass boiler, treats wastewater onsite through an Effluent Treatment Plant, uses a composting plant, a biogas digester and even uses produce grown in their very own gardens. 

Focusing on conservation, two acres of underdeveloped forest was selected for species enrichment and planted with native species. In time this area is expected to grow into a diverse and flora-rich forest. 

The Jetwing Youth Development Programme saw to the recruitment of 24 associates to Jetwing Lake from the area by giving them a training of three months contributing to the upliftment of their lives. The second batch has enrolled 61 students by having them undergo a series of practical and theoretical teaching in the hopes of creating job opportunities for the locality.


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Jetwing first Lankan firm to sign UNWTO Global Code of Ethics for Tourism

Posted on 26 January 2016 by admin





France: Sri Lanka made history once again, with the signing of the United Nations World Tourism Organisation’s Global Code of Ethics for Tourism (GCET) by premier hospitality brand Jetwing. The ceremony took place in Paris, France and Jetwing is the first company in Sri Lanka to sign the Code of Ethics.

Adopted in 1999 by the General Assembly of the World Tourism Organisations as a fundamental frame of reference for responsible and sustainable tourism, the Global Code of Ethics for Tourism (GCET) is a comprehensive set of principles designed to guide key-players in tourism development.

With the intention of reaching governments, the travel industry, communities and tourists alike, the Code aims to help maximise the sector’s benefits while minimising its potentially negative impact on the environment, cultural heritage and societies across the globe. 

The Code’s 10 principles amply cover the economic, social, cultural and environmental components of travel and tourism; including tourism’s contribution to mutual understanding and respect between peoples and societies, a vehicle for individual and collective fulfillment, obligations of stakeholders in tourism development, and rights of workers and entrepreneurs in the tourism industry amongst others.

Signing on behalf of Jetwing was Jetwing Chairman Hiran Cooray, in the presence of UNWTO Secretary General Taleb Rifai, and World Committee on Tourism Ethics (WCTE) Chairman Pascal Lamy. Hiran Cooray is also the first South Asian representative to be appointed as an alternate member to the WCTE, a position approved by the 20th UNWTO General Assembly in 2013.

“Jetwing is a family that has been deeply ingrained in the inception and development of the tourism industry in Sri Lanka, ever since my father began this journey over 40 years ago. We have learnt much from the world around us whilst we were struggling during the war, and today we are on a level playing field – where we go from here rests solely on our shoulders,” said Hiran Cooray.

“Being a signatory of the UNWTO Global Code of Ethics now brings us a clear and comprehensive framework, with which I am confident we will see both Jetwing and Sri Lanka rise to new heights internationally,” he continued.

“We at UNWTO very much welcome Jetwing Hotels’ pioneering in signing the Private Sector Commitment to the Global Code of Ethics and fully committing to advancing responsible, sustainable and inclusive tourism in Sri Lanka and beyond. The private sector plays a key role in creating a more ethical tourism sector and I hope more companies in Sri Lanka will follow Jetwing Hotels’ example and leadership,” said UNWTO Secretary General Taleb Rifai.

Jetwing Hotels is family owned and in the tourism industry for the past 43 years.


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Jetwing Hotels opens first no-frills hotel next month – TSL salutes Hiran Cooray

Posted on 02 March 2013 by admin


Jetwing Hotels, among Sri Lanka top three hotel chains after John Keells and Aitken Spence, is coming up with a first: A no-frills hotel in Negombo on the lines of the budget air travel concept. Jetwing Hotels Chairman Hiran Cooray said the hotel named ‘Hotel J’ will open next month on the Negombo beach next to the former Browns Hotel property and is what is called a ‘a select service hotel’.

The customer will get a room with a 5-star bed and shower/toilet, Internet and a safe and clean environment at a price ranging from US$35 to $70 per night. Guests pay for everything else that they require including food.

“You pay for everything else separately,” Mr. Cooray told the Business Times, adding that the concept popular in the West is fast catching up in locations like Phuket and Bali.

“We thought we’ll bring this (concept) to Sri Lanka too,” he added.

The hotel will cater to both local and foreign travellers. Meanwhile the Jetwing group is pushing ahead with mega expansion plans and new hotels like Jetwing Yala (80 rooms + 10 villas), Jetwing Colombo (70 room + 28 apartments), Jetwing Yarl – Jaffna (70 rooms), Jetwing Reef -Uppuveli (60 rooms + 28 apartments) and Jetwing Lake – Dambulla (98 rooms) coming in the next 12 to 24 months.

Editor's Note: TSL has always advocated its belief that Sri Lanka's need in today's tourism environment is not 5-star hotels but budget hotels. We salute Hiran Cooray, head of Jetwing Hotel chain for coming up with this brilliant idea. Travellers in the western hemispehere are used to no-frills hotels simply to sleep the night over and continue with their and to keep their luggage. Food is mostly had outside of the hotel. This is a win-win situation for all.    


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JETWING – an awesome success story, truly Sri Lankan

Posted on 03 February 2013 by admin

For Jetwing Blue and Jetwing Sea, 2013 dawned fair indeed. Two of the country’s most prominent resorts, as well as being the beginning of the Jetwing story, Jetwing Blue and Jetwing Sea were recently awarded a five star and four star certificate respectively by the Sri Lanka Tourism Development Authority. With tourism increasingly at a consistent pace, as evidenced by the millionth visitor to the island a few weeks ago, the need for high quality and world class accommodation is important. As the country strives to achieve the target of two million by 2016, and become one of Asia’s most popular destinations, being awarded certifications provides direction and guidance to travellers when planning their holiday/visit.

Jetwing Blue, formerly known as the Blue Oceanic Beach Hotel, was opened in 1973 by Herbert Cooray – the founding Chairman of Jetwing. Initially opened with 6 rooms of a planned 50, the hotel went through a major re-imagining in 2011 and was re-launched with 112 rooms, and a 600 pax seating capacity Ballroom. However, an interesting twist to the tale comes from Jetwing Sea, which was named the Seashells Hotel. Herbert Cooray in fact built the hotel in 1971, for tourism pioneer G.E.B. Milhuisen in a record six months, thus making it his first-ever hotel.

Fast forward a few years, and the Seashells Hotel was under Herbert; and in 2011, lovingly recreated and opened as Jetwing Sea – an 83 room property complete with a rooftop gym and spa along with a specialty fine dining fresh seafood restaurant named the Lellama. “Today’s traveller is not the traveller we as an industry were used to. Before visiting a country, many research extensively, thanks to resources such as TripAdvisor. When a potential visitor sees the star class status bestowed on a hotel, immediately they know what to expect, what facilities are available, and find it very easy to make a decision. It is with a lot of pride that I look at Jetwing Blue and Jetwing Sea, both properties my father built up himself, and see them certified as a 5-star and 4-star respectively. I trust that it will only be a matter of time before the rest of our stunning properties share in this glory,” said Hiran Cooray, Chairman of Jetwing.

Jetwing at its very essence is a family owned Sri Lankan company. There is a saying that “the best way to experience a country is by living with a local family” and at Jetwing, it certainly holds true when you entrust your holiday in Sri Lanka with us. We stand out indeed, with a culture firmly rooted in family values which dates back to our founder, Herbert Cooray. Founded in 1980, the Jetwing Family takes immense pleasure and pride in showcasing our home to visitors from around the world. With such diversity and variety, this little island provides ample opportunities for our professional and experienced team to cater to the discerning visitor. Recognized by the many accolades received both nationally and internationally, we constantly seek to enhance our service by carefully selecting other partner suppliers, and by a comprehensive portfolio of companies that includes Jetwing Travels, Jetwing Hotels, Jetwing Events, Jetwing Air, Jetwing Holidays and Jetwing Eco.

Family owned and in the tourism industry for the past 40 years, Jetwing Hotels has surpassed expectation at every aspect. Building on their foundation of being passionate, as well as the experience of true, traditional Sri Lankan hospitality, constantly pioneering discoveries captures the essence of the brand. Such a strong statement and direction have enabled Jetwing Hotels to imagine, create and manage marvels and masterpieces, where distinctive design and elegant comfort complement each other and the environment. Considered a priority, sustainable and responsible practice is implemented through the award winning Jetwing Eternal Earth Program; with energy efficiency, community upliftment, and education of earth saving measures to schoolchildren being a few tenets of the program.

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Jetwing Hotels recognized at the Responsible Tourism Forum at ITB Asia

Posted on 03 November 2012 by admin

In a month filled with awards and recognition, Jetwing Hotels was further brought into the limelight, being one of three winners chosen under the ‘Inspiring Stories from Destinations’ category at the Responsible Tourism forum at ITB Asia organized by Wild Asia. The entry focused on Jetwing’s corporate social responsibility initiative, known as the Jetwing Eternal Earth Programme (JEEP), which covers all measures and activities undertaken by the company to uplift communities, implement sustainable practices, and create a positive action for the environment.

The presentation took place at ITB Asia, Singapore, which is an annually held show and convention for those in the travel and hospitality industries. Every year, the Wild Asia team host a Responsible Tourism Forum which focuses on accounts of people and companies that have made a difference. Jetwing’s presentation was met with much interest, along with much encouragement for the future. Ishanth Gunewardene, Head of Sales and Marketing for Jetwing, said "We are delighted and honoured to be chosen as one of the winners at this forum which is a further validation of all our efforts and achievements when it comes to sustainable tourism in Sri Lanka. The Responsible Tourism Forum was an ideal platform to showcase all our efforts coming under our JEEP programme to a wide international audience. The Programme is a major part of who we are. Helping communities, people, the environment has always been in our DNA. We are thankful to ITB Asia and Wild Asia for selecting us as winners and the opportunity to tell our story".

Jetwing Hotels has long believed that tourism cannot exist in isolation; only working well when there is an intimate relationship with communities, and through education of the future generations can Sri Lanka, and the world, be sustained. Through the Jetwing Eternal Earth Programme (JEEP), Jetwing Hotels reaches children, teachers, individuals, and visitors, encouraging positive action for the environment.

Community Outreach Initiatives showcase the ongoing programmes carried out by the hotels which connect with the local community. Examples include the Jetwing Youth Development Programme (JYDP) that was implemented to provide opportunities for unemployed youth in rural areas in the hospitality sector and the Tuk Tuk Project which utilizes a taxi line from the local community to carry out the hotel-based excursions around Galle from Jetwing Lighthouse.

Humanitarian programmes cover the regular community-based activities that are carried out throughout the year by all hotels. For example, Jetwing Lighthouse carries out several ‘Shramadana’ projects, the largest being the cleanup operation of the heavily polluted Mirissa Harbour in 2011 in collaboration with the local naval base and local whale watching operators. The Mirissa Harbour is the base from where whale watching tours run, which is estimated to now attract over 10,000 tourists each year.

Eco Projects are initiatives undertaken by Jetwing in the field of conservation and raising awareness on the environment. More recent initiatives include the demarcation of a Loris Conservation Site and establishment of a Loris Information Centre at Jetwing Vil Uyana and the opening of the Whale and Dolphin Centre at Jetwing Lighthouse to generate awareness and aid conservation and research efforts in Southern Sri Lanka on Blue Whales.


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