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Canada Day at Queen’s Park Public · Hosted by Ontario Government

Posted on 24 June 2017 by admin

Celebrate Canada Day and Ontario’s 150th anniversary at Queen’s Park!



Bring the kids for a full day of free family fun, capped off with a concert showcasing Ontario’s talent! 

– Opening ceremony with a 21-gun salute at noon
– A family fun stage featuring interactive performances of The Little Prince and Cinderella
– Performances by House of David GangSun KHey, WowCrystal Shawanda and Ginger Ale & The Monowhales
– Roaming entertainers throughout the park
– Educational and hands-on workshops for all ages, including crafts, games, trivia and more
– An open house at the Legislative Building
– Local food vendors such as Great Canadian Food TruckLemon Heaven,Simply BBQFeedthesix and more
– A citizenship ceremony followed by the chance to congratulate and welcome 150 new Canadians

The Queen’s Park grounds open at 10 a.m. Activities and the family fun stage will run until 5p.m., and musical performances will continue until 10 p.m. to celebrate #Ontario150.

More information and a full schedule can be found at 

Rain or shine!

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Toronto Real Estate – “What goes up must come down.” – Quote from Isaac Newton

Posted on 24 June 2017 by admin

By: Upali Obeyesekere – Editor, TSL – Is the Toronto Housing Market cooling off? It certainly is from what we see in the open market. There are five houses in Victoria Village that have been on the market for over 2-weeks, The recent intervention by the Ontario government to cool the Toronto-area’s hot housing market is already having an impact on sellers and buyers plans for the year, according to a new poll. Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne introduced a 16-point Fair Housing Plan in April to tame the Greater Toronto Area's expensive real estate market, including measures such as expanded rent control and a foreign buyer's tax. This announcement has impacted the housing market and slowed it down slowly but surely. This is good news for the buyers while not so good news for the sellers. But the sale prices of real estate in the GTA had reached unrealistic levels and needed some restrain at some point.

Appended below is an article authored by Bloomberg that expalins in more detail a status update on the Toronto Real Estate Market.

Toronto home prices haven’t fallen yet, but a major market indicator says they will soon!

The last time the sales to listing ratio fell this sharply was in the late 1980s, followed by a record price drop that took two years to play out.

The latest data on Toronto housing show a sharp decline in sales in Canada’s biggest city has yet to trigger a drop in prices. A major indicator of market conditions suggests it will soon enough. The ratio of Toronto sales to new listings slumped to 41 per cent in May, according to Canadian Real Estate Association data Thursday. That’s the lowest since 2008 and near the bottom of the range for what economists generally consider a balanced market. The gauge is a pretty good predictor of home prices and what it’s showing — based on the typical historical relationship between the two variables — is that a modest price decline is probably in the cards.

According to Bloomberg calculations, the 3-month moving average of the sales to new listings ratio explains almost 60 per cent of the variation in Toronto benchmark home prices five months later. A sustained ratio of 40 per cent implies small, single-digit annual price declines in about half a year.

Just such a soft landing is the prevailing view of most economists, as well as the Bank of Canada. Home prices in the country’s financial capital after all have been climbing steadily for years, and the recent run of annual gains in excess of 30 per cent was bound to end. Even amid the sales decline in May, Toronto benchmark prices were up 1.2 per cent last month.

The soft landing predicted by the model however assumes a smooth and orderly correction, whereas Toronto housing dynamics seem out of control. Predictions based on historical relationships are less robust in more extreme situations.

So, will the landing be soft or hard?


In its semi-annual financial system review last week, the central bank said a sharp price correction in Toronto and Vancouver is unlikely because strong underlying fundamentals “support the idea that a downturn in prices would be limited.”

That view was given additional credence this week when Governor Stephen Poloz and his Senior Deputy Governor Carolyn Wilkins jolted markets by suggesting the economy may have firmed enough to withstand a gradual withdrawal of stimulus. In effect, the policy makers are saying they’re comfortable enough with the situation in Toronto and Vancouver real estate to risk the potential fallout from higher borrowing costs.

Here are some further arguments for a soft landing:

As the central bank pointed out, about 40 per cent of the 300,000 immigrants who settled in Canada last year moved to Ontario. That bolsters demand. And land-use regulations are often cited as a constraint that will prevent excessive supply from coming on the market. The “world-class city” argument stipulates Toronto should be compared with London and Tokyo rather than Ottawa when it comes to real estate valuations, given its status as a major metropolis and North America’s third-largest financial center. Vancouver’s recent experience is easing some concern that the market is vulnerable. The imposition of a tax on foreign buyers in the Pacific Coast city last summer spurred declines in sales and prices, but the latest data indicate those are rebounding.


In January, sales as a share of new listings rose above 90 per cent, smashing a record. The decline in that metric since then has been over 50 percentage points, which is the largest and the sharpest in data back to 1988. The only comparable decline in the metric was in the late 1980s, when it fell from 71 per cent to 30 per cent. And that move, which was followed by a record price drop, took two years to play out.

Much will depend on whether the sales to listings ratio continues falling.

Market psychology is key. There’s been plenty of speculative demand in the market, and any fear of a correction could send investors running for the exits. And a wave of new construction is about to hit the market. Data this month from Canada Mortgage and Housing Corp. showed year-to-date single family completions in Toronto rose to 4,937 units in May — the most since 2008 and up 19 per cent from 2016.

Even the conventional model suggests that in the event the sales to listings ratio starts hovering at about 30 per cent, price declines could start hitting double digits. (Courtesy)

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$63-Million Mansion For Sale In Vancouver Signals Confidence Is Returning

Posted on 24 June 2017 by admin

 Courtesy: HuffPost:

$63-Million Mansion For Sale In Vancouver Signals Confidence Is Returning

The home has some of the best views in the city.

After a shaky year, it looks like confidence is creeping back into Vancouver's housing market.

For signs of that confidence, look no further than Belmont Estate, a five-bedroom, 22,000 sq.-ft. property on the city's west side that's listed for a record $63 million.


Belmont Estate


It's owned by a prominent couple Joseph and Rosalie Segal, who made their money in department stores Fields and Zeller's and then real estate development. The three-storey, five-bedroom, 12-bathroom house sits on 1.28 acres and offers some of the best views in a city full of great views.

Among the features in this custom-built palace of decadence are:

  • An elevator
  • Dining room that seats 80
  • A more "intimate" dining room that seats 20
  • Floor-to-ceiling murals
  • Eight-car garage
  • Indoor pool and sauna.


Belmont Estate


It's one clear sign that Vancouver's housing market is showing signs of a comeback. While sales are still softer than they were a year ago (they were down 8.5 per cent in May, from the same month a year earlier), they've accelerated over the course of this spring. The benchmark price is up 8.8 per cent from a year ago, at $967,500.

So with this listing, are we seeing hubris returning to the market? The Globe and Mail reports that the asking price on Belmont Estate is some $21 million higher than its assessed value of $41.9 million. It ranks as "only" the seventh-most expensive assessed property in the province.


Belmont Estate


The listing agent is talking up the home as one-of-a-kind.

"No other property of comparison has been offered in Greater Vancouver to date," Christa Frosch of Sotheby's International said in a statement.


Belmont Estate


"The fact that its long-standing owners are beloved in our community for their philanthropic dedication to the city of Vancouver only adds to the home's heritage."

Frosch adds: "I believe that the buyer of this home will have a passion for art, history, luxurious landscapes and timeless design."

That, and $63 million to spare.


Belmont Estate 


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Janaka Palapathwala performs in Toronto on Saturday, June 24th

Posted on 24 June 2017 by admin

Popular balladeer JANAKA PALAPATHWALA commences his North American tour in Toronto on Saturday, June 24th. He then moves to New York, Washington DC, North Carolina and then returns to Canada for one performance in Ottawa. We wish him well.

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Media Advisory – We’re Hiring – Join the RCMP!

Posted on 23 June 2017 by admin



Media Advisory – We're Hiring – Join the RCMP!

BARRIE, ON, June 23, 2017 /CNW/ – The RCMP is hiring! The Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) offers an exceptional career, letting you make a real difference in your community and your country.  No other police force in Canada provides the levels of services and variety offered by the RCMP, as well as opportunities for continued learning and growth.

RCMP police officers wear their uniform with pride.  They wear it because it stands for justice, honour and protecting those in need.  The RCMP has been keeping communities safe since 1873.  To do our job, we need police officers from all backgrounds who are physically fit, up for a challenge and ready to make a difference wherever they're posted.

Do you know how physically fit you must be to be a police officer?  Attend this Physical Abilities Requirement Evaluation (PARE) workshop and find out!  The PARE is a job-related physical ability test.  It is designed to simulate a critical incident where a police officer chases, controls, and apprehends a suspect.  Attendees will learn how to prepare for the PARE as well as have an opportunity to walk through the PARE course, try the push/pull machine, and carry the torso bag.

The workshop is on:

Tuesday, June 27 at 1 PM
Georgian College Athletic & Fitness Centre
1 Georgian Drive
Barrie, Ontario

Register for the PARE Workshop at

The RCMP is looking for people from across the country to join Canada's national police service. If you or someone you know is thinking about becoming a police officer with the RCMP, visit

Quick Facts

  • Be ready for action from the day you graduate: Once you've graduated from the Royal Canadian Mounted Police Academy, you immediately start your career in policing.
  • Over 150 career specializations: With a vast range of career specializations and opportunities for growth and training, the RCMP offers a career like no other.
  • Paid cadet training: Cadets at the Royal Canadian Mounted Police Training Academy receive paid training from their very first day.
  • Travel and development opportunities: You will begin your career by working in Canada and may have the opportunity to work abroad in Foreign Missions, or in specializations ranging from Forensics to Cybercrime Intelligence.


"To do our job, we need highly motivated team players who possess strong leadership abilities from a wide range of backgrounds. A uniform with your name on it is waiting for you."

–    Constable Stacey Anderson, Royal Canadian Mounted Police

SOURCE Royal Canadian Mounted Police



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Press Release: Sri Lanka Flood Relief with Remitr

Posted on 22 June 2017 by admin









PRESS RELEASE 19 June 2017.

Download link Remitr-SriLanka Flood Relief Press Release Jun17.04
Remitware    Payments    –    Canadian    Fintech    Startup    comes to the aid of the flood affected in Sri Lanka 
Remitware Payments is a Canadian Fintech startup on the forefront of revolution sweeping the cross-border payments domain. It’s “Remitr Money Transfer” app allows International remittances to various countries, including Sri Lanka, enabling migrant communities in Canada to send money to their family using the mobile app. Remitr’s technology enables it to provide excellent exchange rates throughout day and night. 
Remitr has been delighted to be able to serve its customers with its 24×7 online money transfer and customer support, the hallmark of its online app based service. Customers are able to avoid time consuming trips to money transfer outlets and achieve substantial savings with Remitr’s live and locked-in rates. 
Remitr recognizes the importance of family well-being. The recent floods in Sri Lanka have reportedly affected more than half-a-million apart from several deaths. As a gesture of solidarity with the flood-affected people in Sri Lanka, Remitr has undertaken an initiative to contribute to flood relief aid in cooperation with the High Commission of Sri Lanka in Toronto. 
As part of the flood relief initiative, Remitr will contribute $10 to the flood relief, for every remittance to Sri Lanka during June and July done through Remitr. As an added benefit Remitr has waived off transfer fees (normally $4) for all transfers to Sri Lanka. 
Mr U L Mohammed Jauhar Consul General of Sri Lanka in Toronto welcomed the efforts of and said “I wish to commend the noble intention of the Remitware Payments Canada Inc. and their actions in this regard.”  
Speaking on the occasion, Mr Kanchan Kumar – CEO of Remitr said “Significant efforts are required from the global community in order to respond to natural calamities that affect the lives of thousands at this scale. While our efforts may be relatively small compared to what is needed, we are with the Sri Lankan community. This is also an indication of how technology can not only reduce cost but also pass on the benefits to those in need.” 
Remitware Payments Canada Inc. 
 439 University Avenue, 5th Floor Toronto ON, M5G 1Y8, Canada Phone: +1 (437) 836 3087 Fax: +1 (437) 836 3101 


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Stunt driving, tax evasion, child abuse among allegations against foreign diplomats living in Canada

Posted on 20 June 2017 by admin

Ottawa police are frequently the first responders when there are reports of misbehaviour by foreign diplomats in the capital. Newly disclosed reports indicate the total number of incidents is on the rise. (Jean Delisle/CBC)

CBC has learned of a spike in alleged incidents of illegal behaviour by foreign diplomats

By Dean Beeby, Courtesy of CBC News Posted: Jun 19, 2017.

Foreign diplomats in Canada are racking up more unpaid debts, breaking more traffic laws, and violating passport rules more frequently, internal reports from Global Affairs Canada indicate.

The reasons for the general rise in misbehaviour over the last two years are not clear, though may be related to outreach programs and tip lines that make it easier to report problems.

Under the Access to Information Act, CBC News obtained a series of quarterly reports from the protocol office at Canada's Global Affairs, covering a 27-month period from late 2014 to this spring.

Identities of the offenders and their embassies are carefully blacked out under privacy and international-affairs exemptions.

Lester B. Pearson Building, 125 Sussex Ave. Ottawa, headquarters of Global Affairs Canada

The Office of Protocol, part of Global Affairs Canada, intervenes when there are cases of alleged illegal behaviour by foreign diplomats posted to Ottawa. (Wikipedia)

The reports show the number of incidents that required intervention by the protocol office — which has official oversight of the diplomats living here — has risen from single digits each quarter to about two dozen currently.

The types of incidents range from being caught in a police roundup of 'johns,' to unpaid tax bills and stiffing local landlords and construction companies.

"Failure to pay property taxes on a state-owned property … has resulted in one of the worst debts of this nature attributed to a foreign mission recorded in recent history," says one report, referring to tax arrears of about $210,000 owed to the City of Ottawa.

Unpaid tax bills

The most recent quarterly report cites one embassy's $283,750 in unpaid taxes owed to the Canada Revenue Agency, $10,000 in salaries owed to workers at another embassy, and a diplomat who left Canada owing $4,700 to an Ottawa car dealership.

Another report cites a landlord allegedly stiffed for $23,000 in rent; yet another refers to $25,000 owed to a different landlord.

In another case called "the first of its kind to come to the attention of the Office of Protocol," a diplomat attempted to illegally export two vehicles from Canada, though unsuccessfully.

The documents also reveal at least four separate instances in which diplomats fraudulently obtained Canadian passports for their children, some of whom were born here but not entitled to citizenship.

There were no impaired-driving incidents, but traffic violations included stunt driving, speeding, distracted driving, failure to stop at a red light, and one case in which a diplomat hit a pedestrian after driving through a stop sign. "The pedestrian thankfully did not require medical attention beyond that provided at the scene," the documents reveal.

The 8,000 accredited foreign representatives living in Canada — about half in the Ottawa area's 133 diplomatic missions — enjoy diplomatic immunity from domestic laws under the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations, a 1961 treaty ratified by 191 countries.

Abuse allegations

The protocol office routinely requests a waiver of immunity in cases of illegal acts and, if an embassy declines — as is often the case — will seek assurances that the offender face consequences, such as denial of driving privileges. In extreme cases, Canada can order the expulsion of an individual.

The protocol office's 91 employees also occasionally deal with alleged abuse of domestic workers, including claims of slavery. Some calls are likely the result of a Dec. 1, 2014, outreach session in which the office told domestic workers at Ottawa embassies about their labour rights and a confidential tip-line.

The office deals regularly with alleged family violence and abuse, the most recent quarterly report citing five suspected child-abuse cases referred to the Children's Aid Societies (CAS) for follow-up. Fewer than 10 such cases were reported in all of the previous quarterly reports.

Declines comment on trends

A spokeswoman for the Ottawa CAS office, Cindy Perron, said the organization does not keep statistics on diplomatic child-abuse cases but confirms a general rise in all referrals. She also noted that CAS is involved in child-abuse cases much earlier than previously, avoiding more family crises.

Similarly, Ottawa police do not keep their own statistics on diplomatic misbehaviour.  Insp. Michael Laviolette, the force's diplomatic liaison officer, says most of the cases do not result in charges or a court hearing.

"Most cases, they're dealt with by the [foreign] state itself, so they won't waive the immunity, but they'll take care of the problem," he said in an interview. "They'll send the people home."

"I've never seen where the particular state has basically thumbed their nose up at us … They've always been co-operative."

Global Affairs Canada declined to comment on the numbers of incidents over the last two years. "The department cannot address particular cases or trends for privacy reasons," said Natasha Nystrom.

"Canada takes very seriously all reported incidents of alleged criminality or wrongdoing involving the diplomatic community."

One of the most grievous cases of diplomatic transgression in Ottawa occurred in 2001, when a drunken Russian diplomat drove his car onto a sidewalk, killing Ottawa lawyer Catherine MacLean. Protected by the Vienna Convention, he returned to Russia without facing Canadian justice, but was later sentenced to a Russian prison colony for four years.


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Statement by the Prime Minister of Canada on World Refugee Day

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June 20, 2017
Ottawa, Ontario


The Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, today issued the following statement on World Refugee Day:

"On World Refugee Day, we honour the strength and resilience of the millions of people around the world fleeing conflict, insecurity, and persecution. We solemnly acknowledge the hardships they face, celebrate the significant contributions they make to our communities, and recognize the dedication of those who help them.

“Today, over 65 million people are displaced around the world, and more than 22 million of them are refugees. They flee unlivable situations in their homelands, crossing deserts and seas to escape, and carrying dreams of a new life even as they struggle with intense loss. These hardships particularly affect women, who bear different and disproportionate effects of conflict and insecurity.

“Canadians are fortunate to live in a country shaped, over the centuries, by the dreams and hard work of millions of immigrants and refugees. Today, we recognize their dignity and potential. Despite the hardships they face, these individuals make many contributions to shape the diverse, strong, and prosperous country Canada is today.

“Canada has a long tradition of welcoming refugees, and today, Canadians continue to help newcomers establish their lives here with compassion and openness. In recent years, communities across the country have welcomed over 40,000 Syrian refugees. Their generosity illustrates the spirit of compassion that defines us as Canadians. When we embrace our differences and come together to welcome newcomers, we strengthen our communities in enduring ways.

“Rising conflict, insecurity, and persecution today have led to migration levels not seen since the Second World War. We have a global responsibility to respond to this crisis and to support those who are forced to leave home. We must address the root causes of forced migration by seeking diplomatic solutions for violent conflicts and standing united in the fight against terrorism. We must also redouble our efforts on climate change, so that it does not further exacerbate insecurity in the world.

“Today, I call on Canadians and people around the world to stand with people seeking shelter from enormous hardship and violence. Refugees are forced to leave home, but they carry with them dreams for their children and the hope of creating a better world. Let us show compassion for their plight, recognize their dignity, and continue to see ourselves in each other.”

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Recreational Property Prices in Ontario Continue to Rise in 2017

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Low inventory and demand from retirees contribute to increased prices

TORONTO, June 20, 2017 /CNW/ – According to the 2017 Royal LePage Canadian Recreational Housing Report1 released today, recreational market trends across Ontario heated up earlier this year, as characteristics stemming from the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) increasingly influenced pricing and sales activity well beyond its borders.

Provincially, Ontario saw its aggregate2 recreational property price climb year-over-year to $413,000 in May 2017, with property values and sales activity in the majority of markets rising over the same period of time. Inventory levels across the province have also declined when compared to last year, placing significant upward pressure on pricing and causing market factors to intensify. For the remainder of 2017, it is anticipated that these trends will accelerate, pushing the majority of markets' sales activity higher.

Overall, in Ontario, demand remained highest for recreational properties within a two- to three-hour drive of the GTA, where high price appreciation has allowed many prospective purchasers to cash in on their home's equity, and look towards the recreational property market. Armed with a considerable accumulation of wealth, these purchasers have increasingly begun to view this market segment as a great investment, and one that can bring them significant joy through its associated lifestyle.

Recently however, this trend has extended beyond those looking for rest and relaxation, as a growing number of retirees have begun to trade their homes in for recreational properties with the intention of using them as their primary residences. This trend, when coupled with a general increase in demand, has created a highly competitive marketplace across many recreational areas in Ontario, where multiple offers – as seen in the GTA's residential market – have recently become more frequent in certain regions.

"Significant interest within many markets across Ontario has been driven by retirees looking to either benefit from the sale of a business, or unlock the value of a home in Toronto and reinvest their money into a property outside of the city," said Bob Clarke, president, Royal LePage Lakes of Muskoka Realty – Clarke Muskoka Realty. "Demand for recreational property across Ontario is extremely high. Now, with homeowners across the GTA having accrued significant equity in their homes, many are beginning to look for their weekend retreat. This is eating into available inventory in the majority of regions and creating a competitive environment where properties may receive multiple offers – something that historically has been very rare when it comes recreational property transactions. In certain markets, any property with a purchase price of less than $1 million sells very quickly, and while fewer purchasers require mortgages to finance new properties, low interest rates do create an upward pressure to pricing as well.

"We have had an unusually cool and wet start to the selling season," continued Clarke. "This has had two effects. Firstly, it has meant that builders could only work two or three days at a time, reducing the amount of new inventory. Secondly, it has delayed the opening of cottages, and in many cases, the return of many potential purchasers from their winter homes. As a result, we expect to see sales activity increase in short order, as a great deal of demand is unleashed onto the market."

According to Royal LePage's network of advisors, foreign ownership within Ontario's recreational market has remained relatively flat when compared to last year, predominantly accounting for less than ten per cent of all property purchases in the majority of regions.

"The recreational property market here in Ontario is pretty unique, with eight million people living in urban and suburban areas just a few hours away from some of the world's most beautiful landscapes," added Clarke. "Muskoka to Toronto is what the Hamptons is to New York, or Cape Cod is to Boston. Americans and other foreign nationals who tend to buy here usually already have some connection to Canada, and the vast majority of demand is created by the lifestyle and social scene a recreational property provides to residents across the province."

Ontario Regional Insights

"Unlike other areas in Ontario, the recreational property market in Blind River is currently in the midst of a buyer's market, with both cottages and undeveloped shoreline available," said Catherine Green, sales representative, Royal LePage Northern Advantage. "Lakes in the region have a high proportion of American owners, as the strong U.S. dollar continues to attract buyers from Canada as well as the Indiana – Ohio – Michigan corridor and from as far away as Florida and California. With prices continuing to grow elsewhere within the province, we have also seen increased interest from the areas south and east of Sudbury, as well as west of Sault Ste Marie."

"The typical purchase of a recreational property in the Bruce Peninsula involves the whole family," said Steve Dickie, broker and manager, Royal LePage RCR Realty. "We are attracting buyers who are facing rising prices in areas closer to Toronto, as the lower cost of living combined with access to excellent services makes our region an ideal destination for retirees."

"People in the East Kawarthas have been very reluctant to sell their cottages, as the region offers a relaxed lifestyle at a reduced cost of living," said Gail Burton, sales representative, Royal LePage Frank Real Estate. "Prices have increased significantly this year as there are very few listings, and the impending connection of Highway 407 to Highway 115 will provide easier access to the area and drive up demand."

"We have seen significant year-over-year3 price increases for recreational properties in the Haliburton area, driven by the combination of increased demand and decreased supply," said Anthony Vanlieshout, broker of record, Royal LePage Lakes of Haliburton. "Increased sales in 2016 eroded inventory levels, and Baby Boomers are continuing to buy here for both lifestyle and investment reasons."

"In 2016, Honey Harbour had one of the most active years we've seen in a long time, and 2017 seems to be continuing in the same direction," said Laurie Paul Belsey, broker, Royal LePage In Touch Realty. "The vast majority of recreational properties here are boat access only, so we are seeing more couples with young children buying in the area, and less retirees who prefer road access."

"Prices for recreational properties in Kawartha Lakes have increased significantly this year," said Linda Duncan, sales representative, Royal LePage Kawartha Lakes Realty. "Demand is quite high, but there is a shortage of listings. I think many owners would be pleasantly surprised by the current value of their properties in our area."

"Recreational properties in Kingston are in demand right now, as buyers are coming in from nearby large urban 'hot markets,'" said Tammy Gurr, sales representative, Royal LePage ProAlliance Realty. "While prices are still reasonable here, the supply of properties has been significantly reduced, resulting in an environment where there are more competitive offers and properties are selling quickly."

"Demand is far outstripping supply in Meaford, Thornbury and Collingwood, and the surge in sales activity we have seen has been fueled by the strength of GTA housing prices," said Rick Crouch, broker and manager, Royal LePage Locations North. "The four-season recreational nature of our market is what makes the Georgian Triangle unique, and having full year-round use makes a permanent move to the area easily justifiable."

"Market trends from across the GTA have significantly influenced recreational property pricing in Niagara-on-the-Lake," said Brad Johnstone, broker of record, Royal LePage Niagara Real Estate Centre. "While we have seen increased interest from international buyers, it is Baby Boomers looking to downsize and capitalize on home values in the strong Toronto market that are driving prices higher."

"Recreational property prices in the Land O' Lakes area remained moderate compared to other regions of Ontario, but they have increased significantly since last year," said Chris Winney, broker, Royal LePage ProAlliance Realty. "While local amenities allow for year-round use, the isolated nature of the area, its access to pristine lakes and the vast amount of Crown land makes Land O'Lakes ideal for recreational purposes."

"A strong fourth quarter last year for recreational property sales in Orillia and South Muskoka has resulted in the region currently experiencing lower-than-normal inventory levels, which have not yet been replenished," said Stewart R. McNeely, broker of record, Royal LePage Real Quest Realty. "When coupled with a wet spring, this shortage in supply has created a significant amount of pent up demand, causing prices to increase."

"We have seen a slight increase in prices for recreational property in Parry Sound," said David Kingshott, broker of record, Royal LePage Team Advantage Realty. "While the number of listings currently on the market are relatively comparable to last year, the prolonged period of low interest rates has elevated demand within the region."

"We are seeing more Generation Xers and Millennials looking to buy in the Rideau Lakes area, but they are very specific about the type of cottage they want and their searches are taking longer," said Pauline Aunger, broker of record, Royal LePage Advantage Real Estate. "These searches are made more difficult with less cottages for sale this year, as many owners have not made the move to list their properties due to the ongoing wet weather."

"The dynamics between supply and demand in Southwestern Ontario remain relatively unchanged from last year," said Richard James Lobb, broker of record, Royal LePage Heartland Realty. "Our market attracts a wide range of buyers looking to move out of urban areas, from young couples with no children right through to Baby Boomers looking for a better lifestyle in retirement."

"Market conditions on St. Joseph Island and Lake Huron have not changed since last year," said Carl Thomas, broker of record, Royal LePage Northern Advantage. "Neither prices nor sales activity have increased, as unemployment, particularly as it relates to the steel industry in Sault. Ste. Marie, is high, affecting not only steel workers, but also businesses that rely on the industry's health to prosper."

"Both prices and sales activity for recreational properties in Sudbury have increased slightly this year," said Alex R. Dumas, broker, Royal LePage North Heritage Realty. "While low interest rates have certainly helped, it has been the expansion of Highway 69 that has really attracted buyers to the area."

Average regional prices

The chart below provides average 2017 prices across Canada for six recreational property types studied in the report including lakefront, riverfront, oceanfront, island, woods cottage/cabin and resort/condo. The aforementioned segments that are not highlighted in the chart below did not have an associated value for any region studied within the province.





Woodland Cabin


Blind River






Bruce Peninsula



East Kawarthas






Haliburton Highlands






Honey Harbour





Kawartha Lakes










Land o' Lakes





Meaford, Thornbury
& Collingwood















Orillia & South






Parry Sound






Rideau Lake






Southwestern Ontario




St. Joseph Island &
Lake Huron










Nationally, the report found that recreational property prices increased year-over-year in the majority of regions in the month of May. For the same period, the majority of markets saw a year-over-year increase in sales volumes, coupled with a drop in inventory levels – putting further upward pressure on prices in a number of regions. Looking ahead, sales activity is forecast to rise this year when compared to levels achieved in 2016. 

"The Canadian recreational property market had a resounding start to the year, with the majority of markets nationwide witnessing healthy increases in both sales activity and pricing," said Kevin Somers, Chief Operating Officer, Royal LePage Real Estate Services Limited. "Looking ahead, we expect this trend to stay in place for the remainder of the year, as warmer weather continues to heat up the market, constraining inventory levels across the country."

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News Release: Ontario Enhancing Support for Refugees and Newcomers

Posted on 20 June 2017 by admin



By: Upali Obeyesekere – Editor, TSL. Tuesday, June 20, 2017.

Today is World Refugee Day. As part of the 2017 budget, the province is investing $17.5 million in new funding over two years to enhance services for refugees and vulnerable newcomers. In 2016, Ontario received over 110,000 immigrants (37 per cent of national landings) and welcomed over 28,000 refugees as permanent residents (47.8 per cent of the national share). In 2017-18, Ontario is investing over $110 million in newcomer and refugee supports including language training, settlement and employment programs. Refugees will also continue to settle in Ontario through secondary migration and relocation from other provinces as they explore settlement needs and work opportunities. 

New Investment will Help Refugees Settle and Succeed

Ontario is continuing to support refugees and vulnerable newcomers with a new investment to help them settle and get the support they need, to successfully integrate into their new lives in Ontario.

Laura Albanese, Minister of Citizenship and Immigration, was at Paramount Fine Foods Restaurant in Mississauga today to mark World Refugee Day and announce new provincial support to help refugees and other newcomers succeed.

The province is enhancing services for refugees and vulnerable newcomers, including settlement services, case management, employment and training supports, and programming for refugee women and newcomer youth. These additional resources will support the long-term, sustainable social and economic integration of newcomers. The province is now accepting applications from organizations that would like to apply for funding to provide these services.

Ontario has taken a leadership role in Canada's humanitarian efforts to help refugees and save lives, with:

  • Communities across the province welcoming refugees at an unprecedented level, with more than 28,000 refugees from across the world resettling in Ontario last year.
  • 45 per cent of all Syrian refugees — who arrived in Canada between November 2015 and March 2017 — settling in Ontario.
  • More than 19,000 Syrian refugees settling into their new lives in the province since November 2015, with the help of settlement agencies, municipalities, employers and refugee sponsors. These newcomers are already giving back and contributing to their broader communities. 

Helping newcomers thrive and succeed is part of our plan to create jobs, grow our economy and help people in their everyday lives.




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