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The history of tourism in the Maldives

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Courtesy of The Telegraph, U.K.

With its scattering of islands now housing exclusive resorts, the Maldives has grown to be one of the world’s ultimate luxury destination.

In the late 1960s a UN agency said tourism prospects in the Maldives were non-existent. Adrian Neville charts the country’s rapid rise from isolated, electricity-free islands to exceptional luxury travel retreat.

By Adrian Neville

November 23, 2012 11:03
A team of experts from the United Nations Development Programme went to the Maldives in the late 1960s and wrote a report on the prospects for tourism in the country. There were none, they concluded. Don’t even bother trying: the obstacles are too big. If that seems like the least perspicacious report in tourism history, you could at least see their point. At the time, the Maldives didn’t have a bank. Or an airport. Or electricity on the islands. And the only way to get around was by sailing, very slowly, in a traditional dhoni.

The chance meeting in Colombo of an Italian adventurer, George Corbin, who hadn’t read the report, and a Maldivian, Ahmed Naseem, was the genesis of an industry that may welcome a million visitors this year to what is possibly the world’s most prestigious destination.

The Maldivians who own and run Universal Resorts and Crown & Champa Resorts are the kings of the industry, admired, respected and envied. Back in 1972, that small group of friends were the young guns with spark and ambition who welcomed Corbin and his 22 guests to Male, put them up in three houses (there were no guesthouses), cooked for them (after one disastrous restaurant meal) and sailed with them around islands suitable for development. A “special correspondent” from the Morning Sun, a new English-language newspaper, met Corbin and his party soon after their arrival and immortalised the birth of tourism on the front page.

On October 28, 1972 – just over 40 years ago – the first paying guests came. The Italians were accommodated in 30 rooms hastily built on an island renamed Kurumba (a young coconut). The walls were made of coral, the beams of coconut wood and the roofs palm-thatched. Each room had a bed, wardrobe, luggage rack and dressing table. That’s all. Drinking water was rainwater or from a well. Meals were a repetition of tuna curry, rice, coconut and bananas. But they were in paradise.

Guests were not aware that their Maldivian hosts were under considerable stress. Mohamed Umar Maniku, now the chairman of Universal Enterprises, was running on enthusiasm and determination alone. “I was cook, gardener and room boy,” he recalls. “We had to do everything ourselves, and there was nothing in the Maldives then – not even a telephone. We had to use ham radio or Morse code to contact Colombo for supplies.”

The next dozen years were a free-for-all. Passports were not required at the airport and travellers could go anywhere if they had the wherewithal to sort out cargo boats and fishing vessels. Philippe Laurella, a Frenchman who left his job and flew to the Maldives on a whim, bought a boat and sailed around the country for years. He married a Maldivian, had three children and still lives in Male, designing boats and painting. Landing on an uninhabited island, he was greeted by a German couple, naked and somehow surviving. He gave them a share of his provisions, a few tools and moved on. The couple didn’t have to go to such extremes to strip off. One of the first resorts was Club Nature, a nudist colony, on the island close to Male that later became Club Med.

That era ended in 1984 when the government made it illegal to stay in anything other than a registered resort and to travel outside the few tourist atolls around Male. Resorts began paying proper money for their leases instead of peppercorn rates – that is, coconut and firewood rates. The industry would now be driven by USPs, the need to catch up and deliver the next big thing.

For years brochures would boast of “hot & cold water”. Air conditioning was a step up from the ceiling fan. Desalination plants put an end to saltwater showers and swimming pools. Rooms became villas, food became cuisine. Soneva Fushi put in the first wine cellar (quite a feat in shallow coral sand) and soon all the top resorts had sommeliers. Now they have mixologists, too (the Constance Halaveli resort was the first). The ubiquitous Gulf Craft has replaced the dhoni, seaplanes have displaced Russian helicopters.

The first really big idea that transformed the industry was the water bungalow. First built in the early 1990s, it was a slap-your-forehead-with-the-palm-of-your-hand invention: “Why didn’t we think of that before?” In the late 1990s came the spa. The water bungalow, now the overwater villa of course, reached its apotheosis on Gili Lankanfushi, formerly Soneva Gili. The “destination spa” (you travel specifically to and for it) has been achieved by Conrad, Taj Exotica and Cocoa Island. Recent political turmoil, with Islamist hard-liners proposing a ban on spas and alcohol, looks unlikely to have an impact on continuing innovation of this kind.

For two decades, Cocoa Island was the Robinson Crusoe plaything of the German photographer Eric Klemm. It had just four thatched rooms, salt water, no hot water, no electricity, no telephone, not even a jetty (you had to wade ashore). The present owner, Christina Ong of Como Hotels and Resorts, has kept the sense of the island being an ultimate escape, while adding a level of sophistication, design and wellbeing that is world-class.

When the rough island of Hudhuveli was transformed into Soneva Gili, I was sceptical. In the first edition of my guidebook, Resorts of Maldives, I described it as “a small, laid-back resort with the advantage of being close to the airport. In truth, it doesn’t have many other advantages”. In fact, the concept behind it – to build some of the world’s best water bungalows – was brilliant. In addition, the island was improved by dismantling walls, broadening the beach and planting trees, shrubs and a garden (not to mention the chocolate, cheese, charcuterie and wine cellar).

Maldivian developers took the established idea of building over the water to another level, but what came next really put the unique in USP. Underwater is the new overwater. Conrad built the world’s first sub-aquatic restaurant. Anantara Kihavah now has a great one, too. Huvafen Fushi launched the world’s first underwater spa. Now, Niyama has just opened the world’s first underwater nightclub.

“We’ve come a long, long way, further than any of us thought possible,” says Mohamed Umar Maniku, chairman of Niyama’s parent company, “although we were too busy to dream in those early years. At least I don’t have to sweep the beaches any more!”

All this development rests upon the few simple gifts the Maldives has to offer. Unlike Polynesia or Micronesia, the islands are not too distant or far apart; unlike Hawaii, the Seychelles or the Caribbean, they are not big enough to have significant urban life. There are no hectic roads, hawkers or distractions – in fact, there is nobody and nothing beyond each encircling beach. Essentially, what is on offer is serenity, in a setting of pared-down beauty: palms, beach, lagoon, sea, horizon and sky.

The new edition of Adrian Neville’s guidebook, Resorts of Maldives (£19.99), is available at

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Tourists love these beach resorts in Sri Lanka

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Unawatuna Beach

Sri Lanka is a land of Sun and Sand. Over one thousand kilometers of palm- fringed sandy beaches encircle the Island. The beach resorts are scattered all over the country and offer a range of destinations to chose from. Srilanka is never out of the season for a beach holiday and some part of the country always offer warm and friendly waters. It is an ideal location to relax and unwind.

The most beautiful, wide and sandy beaches can be found in Bentota (South West) a thriving tourist resort with many hotels. However tucked away are many private boutique hotels like Taru Villa, River House and Club Villa that enjoy pools and awesome beaches.  The South Coast has pockets of wide beaches Nov – April and lagoons for safe all year round swimming but generally the South coast suffers with the seasons and many beaches narrow off  April – October. However, it does boast the best snorkelling reefs in Hikkaduwa  and Unawatuna.

Unawatuna and its surrounding beaches are very narrow, but there are excellent snorkelling reefs. There are a number of secluded and quiet bays along the south coast which kiss the gardens of  private villas like Southpoint, Apa Villa, The Beach Hut and If Villa.

Other beautiful sandy beaches are as follows:

Nilaveli Nilaveli-situated at a distance of 271 km from Colombo-is a prime beach resort on the East coast. The beach has ample water sports facilities including fishing and sea angling. Nilaveli is ideally suited for sun bathing and diving. A few metres from the coast is a small rocky island good for snorkeling.
Trincomalee Situated 250 km from the capital Colombo, Trincomalee is a natural harbor. Horatio Nelson, the British admiral of the 18th century had described Trincomalee as the finest harbor in the world. Trincomalee offers some of the best sea bathing in the country. In the northern stretch of ‘Trinco’, known as Nilaweli,
Unawatuna Unawatuna, near Galle is a beautiful wide curving golden beach. The beach has been acclaimed amongst 12 best beaches in the world. There is a reef protecting the beach, which makes it safe for bathing. Rumasssala, a rocky outcrop projecting into the sea at Unawatuna is connected to the legend of Ramayana.

Mirissa is a sleepy southern town which boasts a fabulous beach and very few tourists. Mostly Guesthouses and worldwide travellers discover this corner but we have discovered a few magnificent villas which are on the cliff overlooking Mirissa beach (just  20 mins away). Cinnamon Mount and Point Sud are in the premier league of villas and are ideal for large groups/ families.

Further East still you will arrive at Tangalle on the South corner which is less commercial but the home to many private and exclusive villa. The East Coast has some beautiful beaches and an April-September season, but the tourist areas of Trincomalee and Aragum Bay are still slightly underdeveloped. If you wish to enjoy soaring hot temperatures, world-class surfing, great diving and simple living, then the East Coast is very up-and-coming.

Negombo  and Unawatuna are well-established family beach resorts though slightly more commercial. However, Negombo can be overcrowded with fishermen and touts, and the seas can be rough.




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Sri Lanka Budget 2016

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Ravi K BudgetLast week the Government presented its Budget for the year 2016. The Finance Minister's Budget Speech went on for a record time of over four hours. Had he read out the sections he tabled it would have taken him over five hours.

Despite the hype in the preceding days the budget looked the same in its outlook in comparison with previous budgets. In other words it is the same old story of hopes, aspirations, old prescriptions and appeals.

It is, however, the first budget of the UNP-SLFP Government. The fact that their united product is the same as what they have been producing over the years individually or separately is yet another confirmation that these two parties stand for the same policies and programmes of development. Differences between them are mostly tactical and sectarian. It could be seen in the nomenclature too, e.g., Janasaviya and Samurdhi.

During the elections the United National Party made a claim that it has found an elixir for the ills of the Sri Lanka and identified it as a Social Market economy. We, in this column, previously said this so called Social Market economy is nothing but a neo-liberal economy which had to change names due to its unpopularity and obvious weaknesses and failures. Budget 2016 has confirmed our opinion. It has no vision for an independent economic development for the country. The repeated references and eulogy to the previous UNP administrations during the Finance Minister's speech including the fast-tracked reforms of the 1977 Government shows the continuation of this no-liberal policy without any substantial change. In fact the talk is not about a social market but about Third generation reforms of the same old order.

Ensure growth with equity

It is true that the masses have been provided with some relief which, however, pales into insignificance compared with the relief granted to the capitalists both local and foreign. It is like a cake in which the soft icing resembles the concessions to the masses and the more nutritious or relatively hard body of the cake resembles the concessions to the capitalists. Icing by its nature melts and one would not be surprised if the price reductions granted in the budget melt away due either to fluctuations in the world market or a depreciation of our floating Rupee.

Obviously the budget has a focus on development. The fault does not lie there. It is in the way or the strategy for such development that is disturbing, especially the transfer of wealth from the poor to the rich. It is doubtful whether the strategy adapted would ensure growth with equity. Over three and half decades of the open economy with or without a human face has not ensured equity so far. Doubts remain as to the ultimate result of several projects such as the proposed utilization of EPF and ETF funds to form a "Fund of Funds" with public-private partnership to provide venture capital to SMEs and the amalgamation of the EPF and the ETF, the pruning of certain subsidies and the introduction of voucher schemes without pilot projects to ascertain their efficacy and viability. The same goes for Special Purpose Vehicles (SPVs) proposed for projects in the transport and power sectors.

Unlike the sops granted to the masses concessions to the investors and their local counterparts are of a more lasting nature. They include exemptions and substantial reductions of tax for three to five years as well as long-term leasing of state lands. Disturbing also is the proposal to provide tax free ownership of land to foreigners.

Foreign investment

Regressive from the point of view of the working population is the extension of the period of contract labour prior to confirmation in the permanent cadre from six months to one year. It is well known that employers are in the habit of breaking the service of contract labour not allowing them to work 180 days consecutively so that after six months they could again be hired as fresh labour on contract. Contract labour is denied several facilities that permanent labour enjoys and thus this is a method of curtailing workers' rights. The introduction of a contributory pension scheme for new entrants to the public service from January 2016 is also a curtailment of an existing right of public servants which in effect amounts to a reduction in their salaries.

The proof of the pudding is in the eating, says an old adage. Similarly the success of the failure of the budget would be seen in its implementation. It would largely depend on how much foreign investment would flow into the country and on the viability of private-public partnerships (PPPs). Though the Finance Minister has offered so many opportunities to the private sector it is a moot point whether they would reciprocate in a like manner. Traditionally our capitalists have been unable to get over their inertia and have been reluctant to take risks. It would be interesting in this regard to find out how many have made use of the facilities given in earlier budgets for various industries, particularly for agri-business and agro-industries. Thus the success of the budget would depend on a lot of "ifs".

Further there are several proposals which are offered as suggestions to the private sector and thus lack any legal validity. They include appeals for public-private partnerships as well as the proposal for a five day working week. There is also the possibility of abusing the suggestion to introduce part-time work to the detriment of the working people and organized labour.

The efficacy of the utilization of budgetary allocations would depend on several other factors including political and policy decisions in other spheres. For example, the government has increased budgetary allocations for education and health. It is commendable. But much would depend on how they are implemented. It would be a futile effort and waste of funds if the expenditure on education is not accompanied by an improvement of its quality. It means not only what is taught but also how it is taught. Again there is an open door for the private sector to join in the effort to improve education. If this participation is not accompanied by proper regulations it could result in the mushrooming of educational institutions that are sub-standard.

The public sector in Sri Lanka is also noted for its inertia, corruption and inefficiency. If there is no public sector reform addressing these concerns budget implementation would be an uphill task.

Finally one has to emphasize the necessity for the Government to maintain public trust it enjoys. Sad to say that it has been eroded over the last few months especially on account of its slow progress on dealing with corruption, fraud and misuse of private property as well as its apparent co-habitation with personalities tainted with corruption etc. Also the culture of political and personal favouritism still prevails in the appointments to high positions despite the talk to the contrary.

Even with all these defects the budget is a step forward from the former regime. While the former regime had the objective of developing a form of autocratic crony capitalism the present government's objective is for a comparatively more democratic bourgeois development. 

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Obituaries: Thursday, November 26

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DANIEL – NEVILLE. Husband of Sugandhi Daniel, father of Jayendra, Rajindra and Dilendra, father-in-law of Sophie, Niroshana and grandfather of Jaymie, Bethanie, Suyasha and Nikhil, expired. Remains lie at Jayaratne Funeral Parlour Borella. Cortege leaves Parlour on 26th November, 2015 at 10.30 a.m. for Interment at Borella Kanatte Anglican Section. 181153

DE ZILVA – NOILENE – (Nee GIRLIE FERDINAND). Beloved wife of late Herbert (Mercy Press, Galle), everloving mother of Marie, late Bernie, Rosie (Australia), Jacintha, Patricia, Stephennie (Australia), Leo (Australia), Peter (Tony), Quadry (Australia) and Christopher (Australia), mother-in-law of late Clive Ryde, Johan Donaldson (Australia), Jayantha Peiris, Neomi (Australia), Ajith Perera (Australia) and Valarie (Australia), loving sister of late Bercut (Sanna), late Dodd (Molly) and Olga Ludwick. Cortege leaves residence at 3 p.m. on Thursday 26th for Interment at the Catholic Burial Ground, Eldeniya. No. 25/1A, Peramuna Mawatha, Eldeniya, Kadawatha.181319

HAJIANI SITHINA FATHIMA – With sadness the death is announced of HAJIANI SITHINA FATHIMA, wife of late Al Haj M.S. Ibrahim, daughter of S.A. Muhusin and Ummu Hanoon of Galle, mother of Renoza, Hana (Sunday Observer), Usama (Ministry of Highways), Usaim (Sumithra Garments) and Nazrina, mother-in-law of Ghasi (Nazoor – Licensed Surveyor), Rabiya, Niloufa and Zifan, grandmother of Ikrima, Ishka, Sara, Iqraam, Shabeer, Imaad, Amar, Sheha, Thuraya, Qaail, Qaaed, Qanit, Azmah, Amarah and Aaqil, grandmother-in-law of Ilsam (CLC), great grandmother of Raaliya, sister of Athar, Yusuf, Jiffriya, Rila, late Razeena, Zaneera and Nazir. Janaza will leave residence 11/7, Sri Jinaratne Mawatha, Ratmalana at 11.00 a.m. today (Thursday 26 November) for burial at Dehiwala Muhiadeen Jumma Masjid. 181420 

RUBERU – RANJITH. Professor Emeritus. Husband of Hema, father of Ravindra and Shiyamalie, father-in-law of Dilrukshi and Vijith, grandfather of Shanika, Peshalee, Sadun, Ruwan and Eshan, passed away peacefully. Cortege leaves residence 80/19, Sattissara Uyana, Sattissara Mawatha, Templers Road, Mount Lavinia on Thursday 26 November 2015 at 4.15 p.m. for cremation at Mount Lavinia Cemetery at 5 p.m. 181330

THERESE – RODRIGO. Beloved wife of the late Bennette Rodrigo, loving mother of Aolene, Damion and Lasantha mother-in-law of Desmond Perera, Anusha and Ashanthi, beloved sister of Anton de Livera, sister-in-law of Carnita, grandmother of Desmal, Shamalee, Hiran Ashalee, Keyshia & Ranesh. Cortege leaves No. 85, Vidyala Road, Kegalle on 26.11.2015, for burial at Mahaiyawa Cemetery Kandy. 181320

WIJERATHNE – PEARL VAN-REYK – 1953 – 2015 (Retired Teacher). Beloved wife of Rtd. Commissioner of Prisons Dept. R.M. Wijerathne, mother of late Priyanthi, Nilanthi and Jeevanthi, loving daughter of late Mr & Mrs Charles Anthony Van-Reyk and Monca Van-Reyk, loving sister of Janet Van-Reyk Dassanayake, mother-in-law of Rangith Perera, Prasanne Abegunawardena and Sanka Fonseka, loving aunt of Niroshan & Nirukshan, passed away on 24.11.2015. The funeral will be held at R.C. Cemetery, Mahaiyawa on 26th Thursday at 3.30 p.m. Viewing on 25th Wednesday and 26th till 3.00 p.m. at Nuwara-Malshalawa, Kandy. 181391

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Obituaries: Wed. November 25

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DANIEL – NEVILLE Husband of Sugandhi Daniel, father of Jayendra, Rajindra and Dilendra, father-in-law of Sophie, Niroshana and grandfather of Jaymie, Bethanie, Suyasha and Nikhil, expired. Remains lie atJayaratne Funeral Parlour, Borella. Cortege leaves Parlour on 26th November, 2015 at 10.30 a.m. for Interment at Borella Kanatte Anglican Section. 181153

DE ZILVA NOILENE – (Nee GIRLIE FERDINAND). Beloved wife of late Herbert (Mercy Press, Galle), everloving mother of Marie, late Bernie, Rosie (Australia), Jacintha, Patricia, Stephennie (Australia), Leo (Australia), Peter (Tony), Quadry (Australia) and Christopher (Australia), mother-in-law of late Clive Ryde, Johan Donaldson (Australia), Jayantha Peiris, Neomi (Australia), Ajith Perera (Australia), Sriyani and Valarie (Australia), loving sister of late Bercut (Sanna), late Dodd (Molly) and Olga Ludwick. Cortege leaves residence at 3 p.m. on Thursday 26th for Interment at the Catholic Burial Ground, Eldeniya. No. 25/1A, Peramuna Mawatha, Eldeniya, Kadawatha.181319

FERNANDO – OLGA – Beloved wife of late Louis Fernando, treasured Amma of Lalith Kurukulasooriya (Canada), Leelamani Bastiansz (Canada) and Lalani Abeyesekera (Neat Manufacturing Pvt. Ltd.), mother-in-law of Lasantha Abeysekera, Gerrard Bastiansz (Canada), Nilamani Weerasekara (Canada) and cherished grandmother of Lachini Abeysekera (Sri Lankan Airlines Limited), Lahen Abeysekera and Rowan Bastiansz (Canada), passed away. Cortege leaves residence at 704/32, Colombo Road, Kurana, Negombo at 3.30 p.m. on Thursday 26th of November 2015 for Service at Kurana St. Annes Roman Catholic Church and burial at Negomo General Cemetery (Manyokka Hena). Contact No. 031-2236700. 181021

MANANWATTE – B.M.B. (formerly General Manager – J.E.D.B. Fertilizers & Director – Allied Commercial Fertilizers (Pvt) Ltd) – Beloved husband of Joyce (nee Rodrigo), loving father of Anoja (USA), Arjuna (New Zealand) and Amirthi (Australia), father-in-law of Rohan, Ruchika and Jayasiri, loving grandfather of Praveen, Radhika, Sujith, Indika, Sidath and Hasitha, loving brother of late Nimal, Daya (Australia) and Sarath, expired. Cortege leaves residence at 3.00 p.m. for Cremation on 25th November at 4.00 p.m. at Borella Kanatte. No. 45, Diyawanna Road, Etul Kotte. 181085

PROFESSOR B.K BASNAYAKE – (University Peradeniya). Husband of late Warendra (nee Hemmathagama) father of Romesh, Naveen and Rajeewa. Brother of B G and B S. Remains will lie at Nuwara Mal Salawa Parlour, Hospital Road, Kandy from 10 am to 9 pm on Wednesday 25th. Remains will be placed at Faculty of Geography, Peradeniya from 8.30 am to 9.30 am on Thursday 26th to facilitate faculty members to pay their last respects. Thereafter remains will be taken to his residence at Aniwatte. Cortege leaves residence 172, George E de Silva Mawatha,On 26th November at 2.45 pm for Cremation at Mahaiyawa Cemetery at 3.30 pm. 181226

SCHUBERT – DENNIS TERRENCE – Safe in the Arms of Jesus. Beloved son of Pet and Brenda Schubert, dearly beloved husband of late Trisette Naomi (nee Rozairo), loving father of Leonard (Jimbo), late Barbara (Jenny) and Gerard (Jerry), father-in-law of Eileen, Ghouse and Portia, loving grandfather of Autherine and Andrea, late Natalie, Linden and Petrine, Gavin, Kevin and Terin, loving great grandfather of Shevon, loving brother of late Monica, Arnold, late Ronald and Audrey, Anita, Jean and June. Remains lie at Mahinda Funeral Parlour, Negombo Road, Wattala. Cortege leaves at 2.15 p.m. (Wednesday) 25th November 2015 for Burial at General Cemetery, Borella (Roman Catholic Section). 3.00 p.m. 180984

SENANAYAKE – MARGARET (MENIKE) (Nee GUNAWARDANE) – Beloved wife of late M.D.A. Senanayake of Homagama, loving mother of Sujatha (New Zealand), Sarath (France) and Prabha (Ex Petroleum Corporation), mother-in-law of Mahinda Attanayake (New Zealand), Indira Senanayake (France) and Dr Sunethra Senanayake, loving grandmother of Sanjaya, Videshika, Kevin, Mirache, Oshada, Solith and Uvini, passed away peacefully in New Zealand. Cremation at Schnapper Rock Cemetery in Albany, New Zealand on 25th November 2015. PH. 0112855788, 281/A, Akarawita Lane, Station Road, Homagama. Ph. + 64 94144424 (NZ), . 181095

THERESE – RODRIGO – Beloved wife of the late Bennette Rodrigo, loving mother of Aolene, Damion and Lasantha mother-in-law of Desmond Perera, Anusha and Ashanthi, beloved sister of Anton de Livera, sister-in-law of Carnita, grandmother of Desmal, Shamalee, Hiran Ashalee, Keyshia & Ranesh. Cortege leaves No. 85, Vidyala Road, Kegalle on 26.11.2015, for burial at Mahaiyawa Cemetery Kandy. 181320

Death Acknowledgements

REV. JOHN GOMES – Brothers and sisters of late REV. JOHN GOMES wish to express their heartfelt gratitue to His Eminence Malcolm Cardinal Ranjith Auxilary Bishops of Colombo, Bishops Rev. Fathers Rev. Sisters relatives and friends who attended the funeral service at Bishops House on 16.11.2015. We regret our inability to thank them individually. Stanley Pearl Leslie and Patrick (Canada). 181058

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Obituaries: Wed. November 24

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BASNAYAKE – PROFESSOR B.K (University Peradeniya) Husband of late Warendra (nee Hemmathagama) father of Romesh, Naveen and Rajeewa, brother of BG & BS. Remains will lie at Nuwara Mal Salawa Parlor, Hospital Road, Kandy from to on Wednesday 25th. Funeral arrangements will be notified later. 180888

MONEY – KINGSLEY – Dearly beloved husband of Rohini, loving father of Kishoni (Lankem) & Ruchira (Reckitts), father-in-law of Aruna Fernando (Micronet) and Eashan Perera (Asia Siyaka), expired. Remains lie at A.F. Raymonds Parlour & Burial at Borella Cemetery (Anglican Section) at 4 p.m. 24th November 2015. 180897

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Obituaries: Monday, November 23

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KARUNATHILAKE – MABEL BRIDJET HILDA – Beloved wife of Halaliye Karunathilake (Wijeya Newspapers), loving mother of late Asanga (formerly of Kreeda Editorial, ANCL), Chamari (Daily News, Editorial), mother-in-law of Sudheera (Doha, Qatar), grandmother of Thonusha, Vanesha, Chethila, passed away. The funeral takes place at St. Michael’s Church burial grounds, Veyangoda on November 23 (today) evening with the cortege leaving residenceNo. 200, Negombo Road, Veyangoda. 180637

WITHANAARACHCHI – VIOLET, LEELA. Reunited with Sam, 08.03.1926 – 20.11.2015. You will always be our adored and treasured mother and grandma. Our hearts are filled with memories; though life goes on we will always remember your beautiful smile. Loving wife of Sam (Dec.), dearly loved and loving mother of Christine, Priyantha (Dec.), Violet, Jayantha, Esther & Esther (niece); mother-in-law of Ramesh, Anton, Priyani & Jayantha (Nephew), grandmother of Ian, Natalie, Shaun, Dylan, Wesley, Shehan, Shannon & Ruwan, great grandmother of Jacob & Georgia. The celebration of the life of Mrs Leela Withanaarachchi will be held in St Peter’s Anglican Church corner of Alma St & Grimshaw St., Bundoora Australia on Tuesday (November 24) at 11.00 a.m. 180554

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Obituaries: Sunday, November 22

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AMIT TUAN ENDRA. Beloved husband of Gnei Neena nee Ousmand, loving father of Marhooma Navarin Rozana Abbas and Ashran. Father-in-law of Sandy Abbas and Shamina Galiph, loving grand father of Raqeeb. Janaza took place on 8th November 2015 at Raddolugama Muslim Burial Grounds. Family members wish to thank all relations, friends and neighbours who helped in numerous ways. Regret inability to thank individually. 6/D/7, NHS, Raddolugama. 180265

NISSANGA – AMELIA WAI FUN (WIVI) – Shanthini, Thilani and Dayani wish to express our deep appreciation to relatives and friends who offered kindness and support to Wivi over the years. For the support and sympathy we have received following the loss of our dear mother on 2 October 2015, our sincere thanks. Please accept this as our personal acknowledgement. 



JAYAWARDHANA – MALLIKA COORAY – Beloved wife of Cyril Jayawardhana of Trade Promoters Ltd., Malabe, mother of Dinisha, mother-in-law of Chaminda de Silva of JF&I Packaging (Pvt) Limited, Koswatta, grandson of Sandil, expired. Cremation on 22nd Sunday at 2.30 p.m. at Galkissa Cemetery. No. 17, Pallidura Road, Dehiwala. 180599

KANDAUDAHEWA – DR (MRS) GEETHANI. (Retired Director – Dental Services, Ministry of Health). Beloved wife of Dhanasiri Kandaudahewa (Chairman – Mediation Board, Moratuwa), loving mother of Lieutenant Supun (Sri Lanka Navy) and Hasith (Lecturer – University of Colombo), passed away. Cortege leaves residence at 3.00 p.m. Cremation at General Cemetery, Mt. Lavinia on 22nd November, 2015 at 5 p.m. No. 61, Bandaranayaka Mawatha, Katubedda, Moratuwa. (0717701998). 180164

MARAMBE – WALTER. (All Island JP). Beloved husband of late Hema Kumari, loving father of Gamini, Jayampathi, Shyamali, Vijitha, Jaliya, Keerthi, Mahesh and Asoka, father-in-law of Sandhya, Mithila, Asoka Deheragoda, Nirmala, Shyamali, Nilmini, Upul Ratnayake and Anusha, grandfather of Harshini and Ruwan Randeniya, Surathni and Nuwan Abeysinghe, Kanishka and Ravin Perera, Anjalee, Keshini, Sapumal, Niyomal, Yoshan, Lakshan and Pasindu, great-grandfather of Selena and Kavin, passed away. Cortege leaves residence 136/6 D, 1st Lane, Asiri Place, Thalahena on Sunday 22nd November at 2.30 p.m. for cremation at General Cemetery, Borella at 4.00 p.m. 180487

PERERA – ISABELLE (‘ISA’) – At Rest with Jesus – Loving wife of Jayantha (JEDB), mother of Jagath (Sri Lankan Airlines), Savithri (Nestle), mother-in-law of Minoli (HSBC) and Paul (Jayatunge Brothers), sister of late Estelle, George, Spencer and of Lynette & Fredrick, loving grandmother of Ashwini, Teruni, Avishka, Pramuk and Sheruni, passed away peacefully. Remains lie at 5/1, 4th Lane, Uyana, Moratuwa. Cortege leaves residence at 3.00 p.m. for service at Methodist Church, Uyana at 3.30 p.m. and cremation at General Cemetery, Moratuwa (Holy Emmanuel) at 5.00 p.m. on Sunday 22nd November 2015. 

WANIGASEKERA – MRS. DUWAGE LENORA ALWIS – Wife of late Arthur, mother of Athula & Manel, grandmother of Nilmini, Shivantha, Damith, Eresha and Samila. Cortege leaves residence 109/5, Dutugemunu Street, Colombo 6, on Sunday 22nd at 3 p.m. for cremation at Kirulapone Cemetery. 180571

WEERAKOON – UPALI SIRIMEVAN – Beloved son of Titus & Tikiri Kumari, loving husband of Marie, dearly beloved father of Shayne & Shenelle, affectionate brother of Ananda, Pushpa, Parakrama, late Mahain Chula, Ranjith, late Premanath & Priyani. Cortege leaves Mahinda Funeral Parlour, Mt. Lavinia for burial at Mt. Lavinia Cemetery on Sunday the 22nd November at 3.00 p.m. 180565

SALVADOR – R.M. (TINY) – (ex-HSBC), beloved son of the late Shelley & Jean Salvador, son-in-law of late Allan & Dorothy Mass, loving husband of Mercy, brother of late Clifford & Neville, brother-in-law of Rosemary, Bertram, Milroy, Nihara & Janet, expired. Viewing at A.F. Raymond’s Funeral Parlour today from 10.00 a.m. to 4.00 p.m. followed by burial on same day at the General Cemetery (R.C. Section), Borella. 180634

UDUWELA – P.D. (Former Permanent Secretary, Public Administration & Home Affairs) – Beloved husband of Pearl, affectionate father of Nirmali, Ranmali, Sudheera and Matheesha, father-in-law of Gihan Talgodapitiya, Jayen Sethukavala, Nimali and Kaushali, brother of late Lionel, Dr. Siri, Ari, Soma and of Anula. Cortege leaves residence on Sunday 22nd at 4.30 p.m. for cremation at General Cemetery, Borella Crematorium at 5.30 p.m. 10, Kotalawala Avenue, Colombo 4. 180633

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Havelocks down Police 28-19 in season opener

Posted on 20 November 2015 by admin



Havelock Sports Club launched their campaign for the Dialog 'A' Division League title with an impressive 28 points (two goals, one try, three penalties) to 19 (one goal, four penalties) win over Police Sports Club in their match worked off under floodlights at Havelock Park yesterday after leading 13-9 at lemons.

It was the Policemen who opened scoring through two penalties fired across by fullback Reza Mubarak. The Havelocks reduced the deficit when fly half Samantha Lakshan put over a 25 metre penalty. A few minutes later, The Park Club snatched the lead when prop forward Dushmantha Priyadarshana barged through to touch down near the post and Lakshan added the extra points to make it 10â€"6.

A few minutes later, the Policemen cut down the lead through a 25 metre penalty by Mubarak. But just before the breather Havelocks increased the lead when Lakshan made no mistake with a 30 metre penalty to put the Park Club infront at 13-9 at the breather.

Soon after resumption, Police's Mubarak fired across a 30 metre penalty, but the Pink and Chocolate jerseyed lads retaliated with another penalty by Lakshan to make it 16-12.

Then the Park Club scored two fine tries through Priyadarshana (one) and flanker Sudharshana Muthuthanthri (one) with Lakshan adding the extra points to one try and they were sitting pretty with a 28-12 lead. In the dying stages of the game, Police Number Eight Bilal Hassan crashed through for a try under the posts and Mubarak mad no mistake with the conversion and the score read 28-19 at the final whistle of referee Irshad Cader.

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New club rugby season kicks off Friday, November 20

Posted on 19 November 2015 by admin

RUGBYThe new Rugby season in Sri Lanka kicks off Friday, November 20. 

Havelocks SC could be in for a trying time against a new look Police SC team fervently bent on stamping their presence as the two protagonists put the finishing touches to prepare their best bets for today's Dialog Premier League rugby match under lights at Havelock Park.

Going by the crossovers, new entrants and exodus of players from club to club, Police perhaps have stood to gain more as they look to deploy a star cast of exponents that rival teams may grudge or need to buckle up to challenge.

Like it or not, Havelocks will have to bear the brunt of a Police backlash and face hardcore players like Sharo Fernando, Bilal Hassan, Reza Mubarak and Chamara Dabare who have crossed over from Navy, Mohamed Sheriff and Chula Susantha who quit Army.

"We are expecting our new intakes to take us to the next level with their experience", said Police Rugby secretary and former Sri Lanka prop Hafeel Marso.

"With these players we are capable of competing against any team in the League and our target is to finish in the top three and that's not to say we cannot win the title."

Police have also enlisted a new trainer in former Sri Lanka Number Eight Dushanth Lewke while the team is coached by Lalith Weeraratne with fly half Lahiru Gurusinghe as captain.

Besides facing up to a Police juggernaut, Havelocks will also have to find their feet as they set about to convince their supporters who have had very little to brag about since the Park Club won the League in 2012 after a 31-year lapse.

Flying winger Sandun Herath will have more than just a role to play as he captains Havelocks who have re-enlisted their former charismatic coach Tulagaese Tawita, a Samoan better known as Laga who guided them to the League title in 2012.

Laga will have to be the main driving force behind the scene if Havelocks are to go places and regain lost pride in a season that offers nothing to the lesser mortals and is being touted as anyone's playground.

"This side is different from 2012. There is more balance and it's only a matter of motivating them", said Laga. But while the Havelocks-Police clash is expected to draw most of the fans, Navy and Air Force will actually raise the League curtain on the same day at Welisara in a match that both teams will look to gauge their strengths and weaknesses.

Navy will have to depend on a high element of schoolboys to overcome many voids following the exit of the elite of their players to Police and Kandy.

Among their new faces are former Isipathana College play-maker and Number Eight Omalka Gunaratne and St. Joseph's College prop forward Steven Gregory.

Apart from Police opening their doors to Navy's battled hardened players, Kandy have also enticed Srinath Suriyabandara, Soyura Anthony and Wishwamithra Jayasinghe to leave the Welisara club rendering it a team on rough seas under coach Nilfer Ibrahim. 

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