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New BlackBerry World for BlackBerry 10 to Include Extensive Catalogue of Songs, Latest Movies and TV Shows

Posted on 30 January 2013 by admin

Unified Multimedia Storefront Will Carry Music and Video Content from All Major Studios, Labels and Broadcasters

Waterloo, ON – Research In Motion (RIM) (NASDAQ: RIMM; TSX:RIM) today announced that the new BlackBerry® World™ storefront (formally BlackBerry App World™) for BlackBerry 10 will offer one of the most robust music and video catalogs in mobile today. The new BlackBerry World will include an extensive catalog of songs as well as movies and TV shows, with most movies coming to the store the same day they are released on DVD, and next day availability of many current TV series. The competitive offering will feature content from all major studios, music labels and top local broadcast networks. Customers will be able to preview tracks and access the content using multiple payment options.*

“Music and video content is an integral part of a rich mobile experience. People want easy and convenient access to their favorite music, movies and TV shows wherever they are,” said Frank Boulben, Chief Marketing Officer at Research In Motion. “RIM is committed to working with content providers to bring the best, most up-to-date content to our customers with BlackBerry 10, and to make it easy for them to get what they want.”

The video download and rental section in BlackBerry World will initially be available in the US, UK and Canada. Varying by region and distributor, customers will have access to movies from the following studios and independents: 20th Century Fox, Entertainment One (eOne), Lionsgate, MGM, National Film Board of Canada, Paramount Pictures, Sony Pictures Home Entertainment (US), Starz Digital Media, STUDIOCANAL, The Walt Disney Studios, Universal Pictures (UK), Warner Bros. Customers will also have access to TV shows from the following broadcasters and studios: ABC Studios, BBC Worldwide, CBC/Radio-Canada, CBS, DHX Media, ITV, National Geographic, NBCUniversal (UK), Nelvana, Sony Pictures Home Entertainment (US), Starz Digital Media, Twentieth Century Fox Television, Univision Communications Inc, and Warner Bros.

The BlackBerry World storefront’s DRM-free music download section will feature an extensive catalog from all major and independent labels including: 4AD Records, Domino Recording Company, finetunes, Matador Records, [PIAS] Entertainment Group, Rough Trade Records, Sony Music Entertainment, The Orchard, Universal Music Group, Warner Music Group, XL Recordings and Zebralution. The music section will initially be available in 18 countries: Canada, USA, UK, Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Mexico, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, South Africa, Spain, Australia, India, Malaysia, New Zealand and Singapore.


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2nd Twenty20: Playing hard does not absolve Glenn Maxwell?

Posted on 29 January 2013 by admin

SRI Lanka's cricketers flew home yesterday with their pride partially restored and no ill-will towards their Australian opponents, according to one of the two captains who have overseen this mixed-bag mission. Angelo Matthews, who took over when veteran superstar Mahela Jayawardene stepped down after the disastrous Test series, played down the aggro that broke out at the end of Monday night's T-20 match at the MCG. So did Australian skipper George Bailey. And with both teams apologising to each other, the match referee, India's Javagal Srinath, who hadn't seen it anyway, saw fit to let the incident pass without comment, let alone action. Good call – it was all just verbals, with no-one throwing balls or bats at each other, or getting physical, which was what prompted a few fines and suspensions during the Big Bash.

"To be honest, its just heat of the moment. Things happen. You exchange a few words. They play it hard, we play it hard. That's it. After the game you're friends,'' Mathews said.

Bailey said: "It's passion, mate. I think people care about the game and care about the way they play. That's it.

''We get along very well. The chat coming off, its all just heat of the moment stuff. What you're seeing is individuals and teams pretty keen to win.''

Tensions boiled over when the Sri Lankans gathered for a tactical talk before seamer Thisara Perera delivered the last ball to Glenn Maxwell, who needed to hit it for four. Maxwell yelled at them to get on with it and was given a serve back from Jayawardene. After failing to hit the ball, Maxwell was taunted by Perera and when the teams lined up to shake hands the sledging continued with other players joining in. It wasn't a good look on TV but it calmed down quickly and the teams were soon mixing in the rooms, where Maxwell made a point of apologising – and got one back, apparently.

''Absolutely shattered … I went into SL rooms after and they apologised for going over the top. All good,'' he tweeted. ''Just to clarify … I apologised to Mahela and SL players as well. I have a good friendship with Mahela and its gonna stay that way.''

The atmosphere in the rooms was what you would expect at an end-of-term get-together, according to those in there, and certainly nothing like the frosty, even hostile mood that prevailed when Australia and India parted company after the infamous "monkeygate'' Test series a few years ago. After being thrashed 3-0 in the Tests, the tourists split the five-match one-day series – 2-2 with one washout – and won both T20s, confirming their status as the world's best team in the short format. They finished triumphantly in front of a good crowd of 39,427, who were mostly their own fans from Melbourne's large diaspora. And despite a rain delay and more debate over the merits of the Duckworth-Lewis system when only a few overs are involved, the fans got good value.

T20 might be lightweight by nature but that doesn't mean it's not highly entertaining when it goes down to the wire like that.

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Convention politics and Kathleen Wynne’s historic win

Posted on 29 January 2013 by admin

The Liberal Party conducted its Ontario Leadership Convention on Saturday, January 26th. It was a dignified event. 59-year old Kathleen Wynne was elected new leader of the Liberal Party of Ontario and becomes premier-designate of Canada's largest province, Ontario. It was a sweet victory for Wynne who won in the third ballot, after trailing behind  Sandra Pupatello in the first two ballots. One thing have to be said, and must be said with conviction. The organizers did a great job and so did all the candidates. The politics of power did not engulf the candidates at any stage. Neither did any of the candidates try to pull punches to get brownie points. It was a very dignified convention and kudos to the Liberal Party, candidates and its organizers.

Without a doubt the kingmaker of Kathleen Wynne's victory was Charles Sousa. When he crossed over to Wynne's camp this tipped the entire convention balance in her favour. Gerard Kennedy immediately followed Sousa and this nailed the coffin for Sandra Pupatello and sealed Wynne's victory. In fairness all six candidates campaigned hard, complimented each other and held the Liberal Party together. It was a team effort and Wynne's team emerged winners.

Ontario’s premier-designate inherits a Liberal government that needs a lot of mending. The real challenge will be to negotiate governance in a minority government and stay in power until the term ends. If Kathleen Wynne is able to achieve this, she will make history.

In Ontario, managerial competence matters. Once a government is deemed incapable of balancing the books, it is doomed — no matter how charming the leader. Former New Democratic Premier Bob Rae could testify to that

Indeed, governments anywhere can reach a point of no return. Rita Johnston suffered the same fate in 1991 after being elected to succeed disgraced British Columbia premier Bill Vander Zalm as head of the governing Social Credit Party. John Turner took over the federal Liberals from Pierre Trudeau in 1984 — only to go down to defeat in the general election a few months later. After 15 years of Trudeau, the voters were simply sick of Liberals. In 2002, Ernie Eves inherited the leadership of the Ontario Conservatives from Mike Harris. Then he went on to lose the next election, a casualty, in part, of his predecessor’s take-no-prisoners approach to government.

So Wynne has quite a challenge ahead of her.

A new leader can rejuvenate a party. That’s what happened to the federal Liberals in 1968, when Trudeau took over from a tired Lester Pearson.

Ontario’s provincial Tories held onto power for more than four decades — in part because they replaced their leader every few years.

But in today’s Ontario, Wynne faces a Herculean task. She knows that. As she told delegates in her victory speech: “This was the easy part.”

And she is, for the Liberals, a logical choice. The new leader is bright and witty. She was a solid minister. Her speech Saturday was by the far the best. She presents herself as a classic Liberal — fiscally tough, socially compassionate.

The Times of Sri Lanka wishes Kathleen Wynne well as she takes over the party leadership and also the premiership of Ontario. Nothing ventured, nothing gained!


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SriLankan Airlines opens Sales Office in Gampaha

Posted on 29 January 2013 by admin

SriLankan Airlines in a bid to increase its presence in all parts of the country opened its latest passenger sales office in Gampaha; under the patronage Chief Executive Officer of the SriLankan Airlines Kapila Chandrasena. The branch office will facilitate travel formalities to a large clientele in the Gampaha district. This includes handling of reservations, ticketing, Prepaid Ticket Advices (PTAs), requests for special services, information on fares, schedules and packages – essentially offering the same sales activity carried out by any city office of the airline.

SriLankan has appointed Lando travels (Pvt) Limited, which is a leading IATA accredited travel Agency in Sri Lanka that caters the travel facilities for clients such as airline ticketing and reservations, travel insurance, outbound holidays ,inbound tour programs and worldwide hotel reservations.

“Providing a direct and comfortable service to our customers at their own city is one of the objectives that we have initiated to expand our business to all parts of the country. The opening of the Gampaha branch would facilitate us to serve our customers even better where they are no longer required to come to Colombo to get done their travel requirements accordingly including this office we have opened four offices across the country.” said Chairman of SriLankan Airlines, Nishantha Wickramasinghe.

SriLankan Airlines Chief Executive Officer Kapila Chandrasena said “SriLankan targets to make SriLankan brand and product readily available in each and every corner of our country to provide an extended service to all customers under our extensive expanding strategy. The opening of Gampaha branch marks another successful step in to an administrative town in Sri Lanka making travels easier and comfortable on SriLankan”


The ceremony attended by large gathering including senior management of the SriLankan Airlines, government officials and business partners and the customers of the SriLankan . The Gampaha PSA Office will be manned by proficient staff and is located at No. 302, Colombo Road, Gampaha. It will be open from 0815-1700hrs on weekdays and from 0815-1230hrs on Saturdays (except mercantile and Poya holidays). For information, contact us 0334950020 /21.


Media Release dated January 28, 2013, from Corporate Communications Department – SriLankan Airlines





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UNOPS Head Rohantha Athukorala is guest speaker at Rotary Club Meeting

Posted on 29 January 2013 by admin


Rohantha Athukorala

The Sri Lankan private sector must invest in research and development in the backdrop of the fast track economic development agenda of the country, commented Rohantha Athukorala – The Head of National Portfolio Development of the United Nations (UNOPS) for Sri Lanka and Maldives. The reason being that Sri Lanka’s export performance had declined last year by around seven percent and in particular for hi-tech exports which was 102 million dollars way back in 2008 and in 2010 it had registered only 57 million dollars.

Athukorala was the guest speaker at the evening meeting hosted by the award winning Rotary Club of Battaramulla at the Royal Colombo Golf Club last week. The Battaramulla Rotary Club has a string of achievements in the Rotary World like the Best Club, Best Rotary President, The Best ranked community project and hosts some of the leading business personalities of the country.

"The best way to correct this situation is to engage the government and develop a partnership between the private and public sector said Athukorala. The Nano park that has been in operation in the country with support for top five companies in Sri Lanka like Dialog, MAS, Loads Lanka is the model that must be pursued," he said.

"Apparently, the exports of hi-tech products of Sri Lanka account for only 1.8% of the export business of the country whilst very competitive countries like Korea this sector accounts for 75% of exports, 27% in Thailand and in Singapore and Malaysia the number is above 50%.

Whilst Sri Lanka is driving infrastructure development for competitiveness we must invest on the soft side of the business with a private-public partnership urged Athukorala who is a former Chairman of the Sri Lanka export Development and the National Council for Economic Development (NCED) prior to his appointment to the United Nations (UNOPS) in Sri Lanka."

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CRTC bringing in controls for Canadian Wireless Service Providers

Posted on 29 January 2013 by admin

The Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission is asking the public for feedback on its draft "wireless code" via an online discussion that will remain open until 5 p.m. Feb. 15, the last day of a public hearing in Gatineau, Que., on the code. The hearing begins on Feb. 11. According to CBC News, Wireless providers would face limits on early termination fees and must unlock phones under "reasonable terms" under new draft guidelines released Monday by Canada's telecommunications regulator.

Some of the proposals in the draft code, based partly on 3,500 comments submitted by Canadians to the commission in writing and 600 posted in an online discussion forum, include requiring that:


  • Customers receive a personalized summary of key terms and conditions in their contract, such as how much they would pay in cancellation charges at different times during their contract and what tools are available to help them monitor their usage of different services.
  • Wireless providers be required to unlock customers' wireless devices under "reasonable terms." Options for those terms include fees and time frames.
  • Customers be given tools to monitor their usage compared to the limits of their plan in order to be aware of extra fees they might incur if they go above the limits.
  • Customers be allowed to restrict features that could incur additional fees, and the ability to specify a cap to their monthly bill. Once the user hits the cap, the service provider would suspend services that could result in extra fees.
  • Early termination fees can only include subsidies on the price of phone or other mobile device and discounts the customer received for signing on to a contract of a specific length.

Under advertising guidelines in the draft code, wireless providers would still be able to advertise plans with some limits as "unlimited," but would have to explain "whether there are limits to the 'unlimited' plan and whether the service provider retains the discretion to move the consumer to a 'limited ' plan if usage limits are exceeded

'Good first draft'

Consumer groups and wireless providers alike gave the plan an initial thumbs up.

"This draft code is a good start to work from," said Shawn Hall, a spokesman for Telus.

He added that the company will provide input once it's had a chance to review the draft in more detail and it thinks a national wireless code of conduct is "the right thing to do."

Lindsey Pinto, as spokeswoman for Open Media, a Vancouver-based public advocacy group that has campaigned for better treatment of wireless consumers by their mobile service providers, called the document a "good first draft."

The group, which will testify at the upcoming hearing, was particularly happy that the guidelines specify that they won't prevent customers from benefiting from provincial laws concerning wireless contracts that benefit the consumer. Pinto noted that some provinces, such as Quebec and Manitoba, have existing rules that are good for consumers.

One of the group's only concerns, she added, is that it would like the code to specify that termination fees can be made as monthly payments rather than a lump sum. The draft code allows wireless providers to charge a customer for the amount their mobile device was subsidized by the service provider when they signed a term contract – such as an iPhone that is "free" with a three-year contract. Pinto wants assurances that consumers don't get "slapped with the $700 cost of a phone" all at once.

"The more specific the code is … the less room big telecom companies have to basically go around it and apply what is a defacto termination fee."

However, not everyone was impressed with the draft code.

Technology journalist and blogger, Pete Nowak, tweeted that it "does little that isn't already happening."


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Obituary: People’s Bank Chairman W. Karunajeewa

Posted on 29 January 2013 by admin

Chairman of the People’s Bank W. Karunajeewa has passed away at a private Hospital this morning (Jan.29), an official confirmed. W. Karunajeewa assumed duties as Chairman to the People’s Bank Group in May 2007 and was reappointed in 2010.

He is also the Chairman of People’s Leasing Company Ltd., People’s Leasing Finance PLC., People’s Fleet Management Ltd., People’s Property Development Ltd. and People’s Insurance Ltd. Prior to this, he served as Chairman and working Director on Employees' Trust Fund (ETF) Board and Ceylon Fisheries Corporation from 2005 and 2001 respectively.

He is also a senior and reputed Attorney-at-Law and holds a B. Com. Degree from the University of Ceylon

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‘Star’ category hotel occupancy numbers down

Posted on 29 January 2013 by admin

Lanka Business Online (LBO) in a report today (Jan.29) states that there were less 'star' category hotel occupancy last year though tourist arrivals were up. Occupancy rates at Sri Lanka's hotels had slipped across star categories in November 2012 from a year earlier, worsening from October despite arrivals going up, official data show. The average occupancy rates of hotels tracked by the state tourism officials fell to 76.2 percent in November 2012 from 90.3 percent a year earlier. In October occupancy fell to 73.2 percent from 80.8 percent. Some interesting numbers are shown below.
  • The number of hotels tracked by the tourist board rose to 269 from 252 in 2011, with uncategorized hotels rising to 155 from 139.
  • In November 2012 occupancy in 5-star hotels fell to 76.4 percent from 90.2 percent a year earlier and occupancy in 4-star hotels fell to 75.7 percent from 91.7 percent.
  • At 3-star hotels occupancy fell to 77.4 percent in November from 88.8 percent as year earlier, and 2-star hotels to 77.4 percent from 89.1 percent.
  • At 1-star hotels occupancy fell to 75.3 percent from 90.3 percent. At unclassified hotels occupancy fell to 77.9 percent to 91.8 percent.

Sri Lanka full year tourist arrivals rose 17.5 percent to 1,005,605 in 2012.


Reproducing extracts from a news item published in The Sunday Observer of 29 May 2011, that also touches on this subject.

Despite sharp rise in tourist arrivals: Drop in hotel occupancy

Despite a sharp rise in the number of tourist arrivals, the hotel occupancy rate this month has dropped drastically, according to officials of the Tourist Hotels Association of Sri Lanka. A senior official of the Association said that many hotels across the country reported a very low occupancy rate this month. “The reason for the decline is yet to be identified”, he said. He said hotels did well during the first few months of this year recording over 75 percent room occupancy. Hotel occupancy recorded a month-on-month increase this year compared to a sluggish pace last year.

“Hotel occupancy in many hotels is around 60 percent today which a substantial drop compared to the corresponding month last year”, he said.

A committee member of the Tourist Hotels Association-Amal Goonetilleke said that the reason for the decline in room occupancy in hotels is the lack of strategic marketing of the destination.

“We need to market out destination if we are to attract visitors to the country. Sri Lanka has diverse attractions which should be marketed”, she said.

Many hotels have been given a facelift while some are yet under refurbishment to offer a better service and lure more visitors to the hotel. Sri Lanka Tourism hopes to increase the number of hotel rooms to around 35,000 from the current 14,000 to meet the target of 2.5 tourist arrivals by 2015. The number of tourist arrivals rose 66.7 percent to 63,835 last month from a year ago with a sharp increase in visitors from South Asia and Western Europe. The number of tourist arrivals was up 40.4 percent to 278,959 during the four months to April, according to a spokesman for the Sri Lanka Tourism Promotion Bureau (SLTPB). The number of tourists from Western Europe, a vital source of revenue to the resorts rose 70 percent to 23,226 last month. According to the SLTPB, visitors from South Asia have increased conspicuously over the years and the region is fast becoming a leading market for the industry. Tourists from India contributes a major share of the country’s MICE sector tourism which is growing at a solid pace due to the increase in the number of international conferences, exhibitions and meetings. “We are confident that tourist arrivals would surpass 700,000 this year and gradually approach the target envisaged for 2015”, an official of the SLTPB said.


Editor's Note: TSL Travel Editor based in Toronto, Canada predicted this last year, and posted a few articles on this matter with our views in our sister digital e-publication TradeWinds. It is pretty obvious that 30% or more of the tourists arriving in Sri Lanka do not book into 'star' class hotels due to the high rates prevalent since 2010, compared to previous years. This fact pre-empts most Sri Lankan Expatriates from booking into a star class hotel as they find the prices exhorbitant and higher than in the countries they live in. For example, in the USA one could book into a 3 or 4 star hotel for around USD $79 with breakfast. Same applies to Canada where you could book into a HolidayInn for $79 CAN.

TSL takes the position this downward trend will continue until the Government of Sri Lanka (GOSL) changes its 'fixed hotel accommodation rate policy'. If they do, the individual hotel chains could provide a more realistic approach in keeping international industry practices. Ex: Lower the room rates on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday and have a higher rate for Friday, Saturday and Sunday. This is what 5-star and 7-star hotels in Las Vegas is doing to attract clients and they are succeeding as the rates go down to almost 30% of the regular rate. This aggressive market strategy is what Sri Lanka hospitality industry needs, going forward. If not, there will be more hotels with less and less occupants in a few years.


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SRI LANKA: Lakshman Yapa Abeywardena elevated to the rank of a Cabinet Minister

Posted on 28 January 2013 by admin


January 28, 2013 – Five new Cabinet Ministers were sworn in before President Mahinda Rajapaksa after the Cabinet reshuffle this morning while five incumbent Cabinet Ministers were reallocated subjects. Two new Project Ministers and six Deputy Ministers were also appointed. The swearing – ins were at Janadipathi Mandiraya. Prime Minister D M Jayaratne, Secretary to the President Lalith Weeratunga and Chief of Presidential Staff Gamini Senarath were present during the ceremony, the President’s Media Unit said. Former Economic Development Deputy Minister Lakshman Yapa Abeywardena has been elevated to the rank of a Cabinet Minister and entrusted with the portfolio of Investment Promotion, Productivity Promotion, Industry and Commerce – three very important areas of economic growth in the country. The Department of Commerce manages the roster of Sri Lanka Trade Commissioners throughout the world.

Reallocation of subjects to five incumbents :


In significant changes made to the Cabinet, the Petroleum Industries Ministry formerly held by Minister Susil Premajayantha was handed over to Minister Anura Priyadarshana Yapa. Meanwhile, Premajayantha has been appointed Environment and Renewable Energy Minister.

Pavithra Wanniarachchi who was Technology and Research Minister, is the new Power and Energy Minister while Minister Patali Champika Ranawaka who held the portfolio earlier, assumed duties as Technology, Research and Atomic Energy Minister.

While former Economic Development Deputy Minister Lakshman Yapa Abeywardena has been elevated to the rank of a Cabinet Minister entrusted with the portfolio of Investment Promotion, Productivity Promotion, Industry and Commerce, Deputy Minister Jayaratne Herath was appointed Botanical Gardens and Public Recreation Minister. Youth Affairs and Skills Development Deputy Minister Duminda Dissanayake has been appointed

Educational Service Minister while Education Deputy Minister Gamini Vijith Vijayamuni Soysa has been appointed Wildlife Conservation Minister.

Lakshman Sevneviratne who held the post of Productivity Promotion Deputy Minister is the new Sugar Industries Minister, a new portfolio created with the Cabinet shuffle. Basir Segudawood was appointed the Productivity Promotion Minister


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Cabinet reshuffle takes place in Sri Lanka

Posted on 28 January 2013 by admin

President Mahinda Rajapaksa named new Cabinet Ministers during a reshuffle of some of the portfolios today (Jan. 28). Despite media speculation to the contrary, Hon. D.M. Jayaratna continues in his position as Prime Minister of Sri Lanka.

In all, the President named 10 new Cabinet Ministers, 6 Deputy Ministers and 2 project Ministers. Among the most notable changes was that of the portfolios of the Ministries of Power and Energy and Petroleum Resources, both which were in the spotlight in the recent past after the state owned Ceylon Petroleum Corporation (CPC) and Ceylon Electricity Board (CEB) suffered losses.

Cabinet Posts

  • Anura Priyadharshana Yapa was named as the new Petroleum Resources Minister,
  • Susil Premajayantha the Minister of Environment,
  • Pavithra Wanniarachi the Minister of Power and Energy and
  • Champika Ranawaka the Minister of Technology and Research,
  • Lakshman Seniviratne was named the Minister of Sugar Industries,
  • Jayaratna Herath the Minister of Botanical Gardens and Public Enterprises,
  • Lakshman Yapa Abeywardena Investment Promotion Minister,
  • Duminda Dissanayake Education Services Minister,
  • Basir Segu Daud the Minister of Productivity Promotion and
  • Wijith Wiheyamuni Soyza the Minister of Wildlife Conservation.

Project Ministers

  • Nirmala Kotalawala was named the Project Minister of Highways and
  • Rohitha Abeygunawardena the Project Minister of Ports.

Deputy Ministers

  • S.M Chandrasena and M.L.A.M. Hisbulla were named Deputy Ministers of Economic Devolopment,
  • Susantha Punchinilame and Faizer Mustpha the Deputy Ministers of Investment Promotion,
  • Abdul Cader the Deputy Minister of Environment and
  • Sarath Kumar Gunaratne the Deputy Minister of Fisheries.



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